10 Sibling Games to Play When You’re Stuck at Home


If you have siblings, then you know that they can be your best friends and your worst enemies all at the same time. Whether you’re stuck inside during the winter or are just having a rainy day, there are plenty of sibling game to play with your brothers and sisters in order to keep yourself entertained and make the most of each other’s company. Here are ten games that you can play with your siblings that won’t take up too much time or energy but will bring out the competitive streak in even the most well-behaved child!


1) Kick Ball

Kick ball is a fun game that can be played by any age, on any surface, with anyone who’s willing and able. All you need is a soccer ball and some open space. The object of the sibling game is for each team to kick the ball as many times as they can without letting it hit the ground – also known as field goals.

2) Hide and Seek

This sibling game is very funny. This is a classic game that both kids and adults have enjoyed for generations. It’s relatively easy to get started and you can always tweak the rules. To play this game, one person hides and the other players must search for them. The first player counts out loud until 30 seconds have passed (to give the searcher enough time) before calling Ready or not, here I come! At this point, they should be hiding in a very well-camouflaged spot if they don’t want to be found! The goal of the person who is finding is not only just to find them, but also sneak up on them so they will never know that they are being hunted.

3) Freeze Tag

-Have one person stand in the middle of the room. -They are now the ice block. -All other players start by touching the ground and form a line behind each other, on opposite sides of the ice block. (The players should be facing each other.) -When the two people facing each other are ready, they begin chanting ice block repeatedly until both chant at the same time. They then quickly jump onto their feet, run to either side of the ice block and try to freeze him as he is about to break free from his frozen position. The first player who manages this becomes an ice block and also plays this sibling game with all others waiting in line behind them-one after another!

4) Ping Pong

Ping pong can be a great game to play with your sibling. There are many versions of ping pong, but here are some common ones.

-Side to Side: All you need is a single ping pong ball and two open hands on one side of the room facing each other. Ping the ball back and forth as quickly as possible while saying ping. If your hands start overlapping, turn around and keep going! The first person that messes up loses. Keep playing until everyone is out or you want to switch games.

5) Catch

  1. Piggy in the Middle – Take turns running from one side of the room to the other, trying not to get tagged by your opponents. If you get tagged three times, you have to sit in the middle of the room.

6) Hula Hoop Races

What you’ll need: 4 hula hoops per pair of people 2 water bottles per pair of people.

Divide yourselves into two teams. Set up a line, with one team behind it and the other in front. Divide your hula hoops between the two lines. Players can only pick up their hoop when someone on their team has possession, or when they are in-bounds and no one from the opposing team is within 15 feet of them.

7) Limbo Contest

Limbo is a fun game for kids because it doesn’t require any equipment, and no one ever goes on the same limbo pole. In this game, you should have six people total: two per team. One of those six people will be the caller. The other five will be in a line with the callers in between them. This can look like three with their backs facing one another or four if they form a rectangle. The caller will say something like limbo low and then duck down low to show how low they need to go to play the game. Then they’ll yell go! and start singing ah ah ah ah owwwww as music until someone falls out.

8) Tetherball

Two or more players are out in the field, and one person is designated as the server. The server stands in front of the net while a partner stands on one side of him. The other player tosses a ball over the net. If he makes it over, his partner must hit it back across before it bounces twice. The person who hits it back then becomes the server, and the first player returns to stand on one side of them. This continues until one team hits the ball three times consecutively.

9) Bubble Fight

Bubble Fight is a fun game where everyone gets a vat of soapy water and tries to find their opponent’s face in the bubbles. A player, who wears goggles, then blows bubbles at the other players with her mouth while they try to pop them before they reach her face. It’s a good way for the little ones not old enough for paintball or sword fighting, but can still put up a fight.

10) Jump Rope Race

Grab a jump rope and race your siblings around the house. Jump as many times as you can in a row and see who can jump the farthest without falling down. Do this one on your toes or with one foot raised off the ground. If you find this too hard, do it by yourself and try to beat your best time.


Most kids get to play outside with their friends and siblings when the weather permits, but when you’re stuck inside, it can be hard to find things to do that are fun and don’t involve staring at your phone or computer screen. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities you can do together that encourage physical activity, fun and laughter all without having to go anywhere.

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