25th Island Of Greece – All the Details Inside!

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Greece is the 25th island. One of the island’s most famed products is its cheese, and its residents speak an ancient Greek dialect that is unwritten throughout the country. Besides relaxing on Thailand’s beaches and cruising around Greece, this page describes what visitors can see and do on the 25th island of Greece.

The 25th Island in Greece is:

Its name is Vliopouli, and it is renowned as the “Blue Cheese Island.” Vliopouli residents describe the temple as the “Argyros Monastery.”

There are no hotels on the island, although hostels and private homes are available for budget travelers. In general, costs are much cheaper than those at seaside resorts.

There is just one store on the island, which carries all the essentials, while smaller stores are spread around. There are also restaurants and bars, as well as modest cafés where beer enthusiasts may enjoy themselves.

What is the 25th Greek island?

In addition, cheese is a well-known product of the island. A few items in Greece can only be found in handcrafted artisan cheese. The locals refer to their cheese as “Perdikia” (which translates to “flower”) and “Manouri.” In this essay, we shall simply refer to them as “blue cheese” and “shepherd’s cheese,” respectively. The blue cheese is produced from sheep’s milk. The region’s pastures are abundant in the grass, making them perfect for sheep.

The milk used to make the cheese has been obtained from fields where grass grows, according to a traditional family recipe.

As for shepherd’s cheese, it is similarly prepared from goat and sheep’s milk, but its flavor is considerably stronger.

Locals travel there to harvest honey, which they use to manufacture a variety of baked goods and candies. Locals continue to refer to it as ‘Argyron Monastery’ despite its destruction by the water.

The island’s name derives from the ancient Greek Vliopouloi, which means “the people of the foot.” According to an ancient legend, the inhabitants of Vliopouli have no feet. When asked where they originate, they respond, “the people of the feet.”

Where may Vliopouli be found?

Vliopouli is situated between Skiathos and Skopelos on the Aegean Sea. Also nearby are Andros and Tinos. The island is tiny, measuring approximately 1.5 kilometers in length and requiring 10 to 20 minutes to round on foot.

25th island of Greece: Some interesting facts

25th island of Greece has a population of only 350 people. As a tourist destination, though, it is known for its old Greek dialect. The Vliopouli dialect is very old and is not part of the mainstream Greek language.

Additionally, Google Maps is available on the island. Visitors can explore the island using an internet map, but there is no way to move above it. Ano Vliopouli is the name of the region in which the residents reside.

This little island is distinct from other regions of Greece in several respects. In addition, neither traditional Greek nor English is spoken. The natives solely speak an archaic dialect that is not part of the mainstream Greek language.

The island has no substantial industry, but its position in the Aegean Maritime has made it a popular destination for visitors who like sea travel. In addition, there are several restaurants and hotels where travelers may spend the night.

This little population varies from that shown-on tourist maps of Greece in several ways. There are no hotels on the island, and its population is modest. People there live in modest homes and on farms, making this a lovely area to spend the night if you’d rather avoid large cities.

Vliopouli is the smallest of Greece’s 25 islands, yet it has so much to offer tourists. It is also noteworthy to note that it is 25th island of Greece. Inhabitants take full advantage of the surrounding natural beauty and are proud of their cheese. Several lush trees, a beach, a desert, and a beach make this a worthwhile place to spend the night.

Which is the most beautiful Greek island?

If you have ever visited Greece, you are well aware of the fact that many of its islands are equally breathtaking and gorgeous. It is, however, important to know that there are some of them that are more well-known than others. These include Mykonos and Santorini, which annually draw tens of thousands of visitors.


Santorini is by far the most renowned island in Greece, and the majority of travelers have it on their bucket list. This island is distinguished by its Cycladic architecture, which consists of structures with whitewashed roofs, blue domes, and tiny windows with linked walls. Moreover, the island is ruled by volcanic landscapes, which make it much more gorgeous and intriguing from above. This island is a must-visit destination for anybody who enters Greece, as its breathtaking beauty leaves visitors mesmerized.


The island is well-known not only for its sandy beaches and mild seas but also for its gorgeous towns, landscapes, and, most notably, its historical landmarks. The historical attractions include medieval castles with sturdy, high walls, Byzantine churches, and opulent residences linked by stone-paved alleyways. Thus, producing the sensation of having journeyed back in time to the period of knights.


The landscapes and seascapes of Corfu are among the most spectacular in Greece, making it one of the most beautiful islands. This island is a must-visit since it is situated in the Ionian Sea, which is renowned for its pristine seas.


As one of the most popular vacation destinations in Greece, Mykonos has a distinct place among the Greek islands. The region is ideal for spending time with family and friends because of its superb beaches, breathtaking scenery, and uncrowded regions.


Crete is a well-known island also known as the “Island of Beauty.” It offers some of the most magnificent beaches, scenery, and tourist attractions in all of Greece. Despite its proximity to Turkey, it remains one of Greece’s most fascinating islands.


Lesbos has been a populated island at least since 1650 BCE. It is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and wonderful beaches. On this island, there are several locations to visit, including Plaka, Mytilini, and Molyvos.

Corcyra (Corfu)

In order to appreciate this island’s genuine splendor, you need to come during the summer. During this season, tens of thousands of people flock here to enjoy the warm water and breathtaking environment. If you come during the winter, you will see it in its most beautiful form.


This island is one of the most well-known Greek islands due to the fact that it features some of the most stunning beaches in Greece as well as a number of noteworthy ancient monuments.

Ithaka (Ionian Islands)

Numerous legends surround Ithaka and its surroundings, which make it a well-known island.

The Island Of Zakynthos

This island, also known as Zante, is famous for its stunning beaches and little pyramid-shaped peak. It is regarded as one of Greece’s most fascinating islands.

There are plenty more beautiful Greek islands you may visit on your vacation in Greece, but these 10 are a must-see!

Wrapping – Up!

In 2020, more than three decades after “The Big Blue,” Amorgos will serve as the alluring setting for a new international co-production. This video was inspired by the German director and screenwriter Nana Neull’s feature film “Tochter” (Girls), which was based on the best-selling book by Lucy Frick. After the first lockout in Greece, this was one of the first foreign co-productions to restart production.

We hope you found the answer to your question regarding this island. The secret behind the popularity of the meme “25th island of Greece” is that the blue-green lagoon contains some truth. In its northeastern region, the actual island of Amorgos has a cyan-green lagoon. The island still has several attractions. The earliest ruins, the church dedicated to Saint Justin of Amorgos, Amorgos Cathedral, and Lerna Monastery may be visited. The monastery and the church are situated on the island’s tallest peak. It is a stunning sight! Take an hour to discover the beauty of Amorgos, which is a popular subject on Twitter owing to its similarity to a video game setting.



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