5 Common Essay Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Essay Writing Mistakes

First of all, if you are under any illusion that writing an essay is very easy, you definitely need to break that bubble. Well! It may be because you still are not aware of the real way to write one.

Despite appearances, writing an academic essay is never simple. Students occasionally believe their essays are flawless. However, their grades reveal the reverse. Furthermore, it is impossible to describe pupils’ disappointment in such circumstances.

But, for every problem, there is a solution. So, you can always use resources to seek assistance with your academic essay papers. You are worried since the effort you put out was seriously underappreciated. And, you constantly wonder why your essay was flawed at that point.

Well! Writing simple essays is a difficult skill to master. But it is feasible. The truth is that when writing essays, students consistently commit quite simple blunders. Moreover, knowing things to avoid can help you complete your essay assignment more successfully.

In this blog, by reading further, you will discover the common mistakes people make when writing essays. Well! Below are the top five essay writing errors that students usually make.

Reading this blog is surely going to help you greatly improve your writing abilities, grades, and research success. Additionally, you will automate the writing process rather than having to struggle each time. So, let’s start reading it below:

1. Overly broad themes

If an essay topic is given to you, try not to be too dissatisfied. Professors typically don’t give out “losing” themes. Usually, you are assigned a great topic that forbids you from bringing up obscure topics. The problem is considerably worse when you come up with your own topic.

In this situation, it is essential to choose a subject that won’t “sink” you. You will see that a strong research paper example is very concentrated on just one subtopic. This approach is sound. The first error to avoid is choosing topics that are too general for your essay.

For instance: Instead of writing “There is no obesity in today’s world.”, you should write: The causes of childhood obesity today. ”

Well! The subject is the same in both instances. The first choice, however, is rather general.

Simply put, you won’t know what to write about. You’ll have to concentrate on both everything and nothing in your study papers. Obesity has causes, consequences, effects on relationships, life in general, obesity in different nations, and many more subtopics. If you attempt to cover all of them, you risk creating an essay that is far too long or does not discuss anything. As a result, always choose a more precise topic. Here’s how to do it:

  • Topic brainstorming
  • Choose a broad subject.
  • Divide it into subtopics
  • Choose the most easily researched subtopic.

2. Wordiness

One of the most common faults students makes when writing sentences is being too wordy. Yes, everyone is aware of the concept of word count. However, adding as many words as possible will not get you there. Too many unneeded words and phrases detract from your reader’s perception. They also make the text less readable.

The following are the greatest scholarly writing guidelines to prevent excessive wordiness:

Make use of the active voice. Yes, but not everywhere.

The passive voice aids in maintaining an impartial tone. However, don’t overdo it. Otherwise, your work will be impossible to read.

When feasible, use one word instead of several. If the meaning of a statement does not alter much when specific words are removed, it is preferable to delete those unnecessary words.

For example, instead of using “as a result of”, use “because”.

Also, modifiers should be reduced. Some words make no sense and may be removed without impacting the meaning of the phrase.

For example, instead of using “Absolutely impossible”, use “Impossible”.

Moreover, it is preferable to expand the material in a different way rather than adding superfluous words. You can, for example, do more evidence study. After all, you only need to elaborate on your conclusion.

3. Casualness

Academic writing necessitates the use of academic jargon. Your daily English may be superb, but it cannot be used in your essay. Formal vocabulary is required for academic writing. Avoid using colloquial language. The following terms should be avoided in academic writing:

Contractions: cannot, won’t, will not

Informal language: carry out, perform, and so forth.

Too intimate a tone: no first-person pronouns like he/she/they, etc.

There are always exceptions. When writing a book report, you use a lot of casual language quotations. We’re talking about the overall tone of your article here.

4. Sentences that are overly lengthy and complicated

Long phrases might be perplexing to readers. Don’t make too many complicated ones. Make an effort to employ short, concise phrases. While reading your article, the reader may easily lose track of the concept.

When you present the information appropriately, it is much simpler to perceive it all. This error will also result in excessive wordiness, which you should avoid at all costs.

For example, all governments must avoid the death sentence since it is unjust from the standpoint of humanity; after all, we have no right to take anyone’s life. No country should contemplate abolishing the death penalty. This is incompatible with humanity. Taking the life of others is ethically immoral.

5. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the most serious issues in essay writing. It does not imply that you are stealing someone else’s ideas. Even if you do not do this, you may accidentally plagiarize. You should avoid plagiarism by doing the following:

Instead of copying and pasting, consider the ideas of scholars.

Cite correctly.

Check your essay for plagiarism using online plagiarism checker.

These are easy guidelines to follow when writing your essay. It is incredibly efficient to check your work for plagiarism. The software might have several coincidences even if you developed everything from scratch.

In this scenario, rephrase the underlined sentences and double-check the sources. Perhaps the concepts you utilise were already used and put online by someone else. Also, you must include citations and references. Never ignore them.

So, these are the most common errors students make when writing essays. Of course, you should never overlook the importance of editing your essay. And, if you need assistance, you can easily contact the online essay helper of your reliable assignment help firms and resolve your problems immediately.


Writing is a difficult task. It is, nonetheless, a part of our life, especially when it arrives in the guise of a required academic task.

Now, you must have got familiar with the fundamental guidelines of essay writing. Obviously, it is not easy to grasp at once. People are still afraid to present their work to others because they are unsure of their own ability to recognise all of the portions of the essay that need to be modified. But, eventually, with practice, you will learn and become a pro in it.

Therefore, this is why we have collected all the important points for you in this one blog and become a good essay writer. Also, to achieve your desired grades by achieving higher distinction grades.

Use the above pointers, practice them and make your essay writing error-free. And, for any assignment-related query, reach out to the essay helpers.

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