7 Convincing Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Dubai This Year

zipline adventure activities in Dubai

Dubai has upsurged its reputation for tourism owing to its glory skyline, luxury lifestyle, amazing landscape, and biggest shopping mall. The UAE also houses the biggest zipline in the world, which is news of interest for adrenaline seekers. From skiing in the desert to scuba diving, skydiving, and zipline adventure activities in Dubai, the city offers numerous adventurous activities for the adrenaline rush.

Apart from adventure freaks, the emirate has something for everyone. The glitzy nightlife, latest model cars on the road, luxury lifestyle, and surrounded by people from different cultures and nationalities make the city of lights a must-visit place. People from Europe and the Middle East to Asia and India come around to enjoy the glitz nightlife of the emirate.

The best part about Dubai is that it offers something for everyone. For shopaholics, Dubai Mall is all the rage as it is the biggest shopping mall in the world with top-rated clothing brands and entertainment spots coupled with the best food spots. For kids, water parks and numerous theme parks offer various interesting and enjoyable activities.

In fact, the Dubai Mall houses an aquarium and underwater zoo, which is a treat for kids as well as parents because women can shop while their kids enjoy the fish, meaning no interruption when shopping. For men, there are state of the art gyms, golf courses, and other fun activities. For people who are fond of old or cultural markets, Dubai souks are a must-visit place for them.

If you plan to visit the emirate, below are some must-visit places. Let’s delve into details.

1.   Dubai Houses The Iconic Skyline

Known for its greatest skyline, Dubai has many iconic buildings, with Burj Khalifa and Burj-ul-Arab on the top. Located in Downtown Dubai, a region in the great city of the UAE, these skyscrapers are a center of attraction for tourists. Surrounded by the Dubai fountain, it is the first place to visit on the bucket. You can also go up to the top of Burj Khalifa to enjoy the incredible view of the whole city, which is a treat for adrenaline freaks.

2.   A Shopping Paradise

Who does not love shopping? Everyone does. Dubai has the biggest shopping mall in the world, known as Dubai mall. It has top-rated clothing and jewelry brands. In fact, the mall is an entertainment destination for everyone. Aquarium and underwater zoo for children, cinema and other leisure activities with 1200 different retail outlets, none can get bored in the biggest mall of Dubai. Needless to say, the view of the iconic Burj Khalifa from the Dubai Mall.

3.   Skiing On The Desert Dunes

Visit Dubai and not visit the desert Safari? Absolutely not. The dessert gives amazing views in the morning as well as in the evening. If you want to see the sand waves and the beauty of the glowing desert, visit it in the morning light to enjoy the view.

However, the evening view gives a breathtaking sight of sunset with the light cool breeze that takes the experience to a higher level. Camel rides, skiing on sand dunes, campingground and riding cars on desert safari are some of the activities of great interest.

4.   Lavish Beaches To Enjoy The Sunset

Dubai is known for holding the best beaches and attracting people from around the world. If you visit Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, La Mer Beach, and Dubai Marina are must-visits to enjoy the white and fine sand, surf, swim, sunbathe, or just relax on the sunbeds as beaches are known for wiping worries away.

5.   Explore Souks In Old Dubai

If you love old bazaars or cultural sites, Dubai souks are a must-visit place. Gold souks, traditional bazaars for handwoven fabrics, perfumes, and spices, hence you will find everything here. It is the best place for souvenirs to cherish the memories later in life  

6.   Water Parks To Beat The Heat

Water parks are the best way to enjoy with family and kill the scorching heat. These parks offer amazing rides for people of all ages. Aquaventure waterpark, Wild Wadi water parks, and Laguna water park are must-visit parks in the city.

7.   Theme Parks To Add The Fun Factor

Dubai houses amazing theme parks that offer incredible activities for toddlers, preteens, and teens. In addition to that, it offers summer camps and outdoor team-building activities for kids and adults. So, if you visit Dubai in the summer or plan a business trip there, you must try these amazing activities to make your trip a time to remember.

In all, the aforementioned are just views of the places to visit during your trip. Whether planning a honeymoon or a vacation with family, Dubai can give a fantastic experience amidst amazing architectural marvels and beaches, therefore the best place to escape from routine life’s hassles. 


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