7 Leading Production Companies for Training Videos

Training videos

Businesses create training videos to provide personnel with learning opportunities.

  The benefits of using digital technology are still being felt by people. In education, the same is true. Training films are brief but detailed instructions designed to help effective learning. Their success can be attributed to their personable nature, extensive experience, and availability. Internal classes and peer-to-peer coaching are viable alternatives.


How Does a Training Video Work?

A “how to do anything” video or a film that teaches, instructs, or imparts knowledge to the learners is a training video.


What Justifies Choosing a Training Video?

Every firm should invest in training. Training new or existing employees should be your top priority whether you run a small or large business to get them on the same page as your competitors. As a result, your employees will be more productive and competitively ready.

Videos perform better for staff training than text-based materials. Due to the fact that our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, businesses may produce training films that are both entertaining and helpful for their staff. This would turn out to be much more useful.

Before you start making a film or hire an office training video production company, there are a few things you should know about the advantages of generating training videos for your company.

  Memorable: According to a study, audiences retain 95% of messages delivered through videos and 10% through texts. Making a training film will therefore help your employees learn and remember the material.

  Cost: The price of the instructional DVDs is really reasonable. All you need to do to prepare a training video playlist that will work for years is to make a few adjustments in response to the situation. You will need to keep paying the trainer if you hire him or her to train your staff.

  For Everyone: Your instructional video is appropriate for everyone. Both a small group of people and many employees can be trained using it with the same level of excellence and consistency.

  Simple to Access: Your team can watch the training video whenever they want if you create a playlist for it. They can dispel their ambiguity and steer clear of errors.


Choosing from Top Training Video Production Companies


Visionary Web Studios

Leading provider of video animation services in the US, Visionary Web Studios is renowned for creating excellent animated videos that promote corporate growth. The business began in a one-room office with a staff of five, and it has now grown to a sizable corporation with more than 500 workers. The team includes directors, producers, editors, storyboard specialists, animators, editors, managers, voice actors, and many more.

The company has worked with well-known companies including Pepsi, IBM, HP, Amazon, Abbott, Nestle, Unilever, and many more, and has produced more than 50k animated videos for its clients. Video Jeeves is an expert at creating captivating videos that promise to produce outstanding outcomes.


Describe Ninja

Describe Ninja, a Warsaw-based animation studio. It is owned by the design and development company Fireart Studio. Producing good and entertaining video content is what Explain Ninja excels at.

The company oversees every step of creating an animated video. These include storyboarding, scriptwriting, animation, sound design, voicing, and briefing. The 2D and 3D animation produced by Explain Ninja is fantastic. One of the many options is to use a professional voiceover. However, A group of award-winning professionals will produce a training film that is results-driven and will impress your audience.


Show Duck

Particularly for the healthcare and educational industries, the Demo Duck team produces a range of videos, including explainers, client testimonials, advertising, and internal communication movies. Demo Duck’s impressive animations prevail, but they also have live-action productions in their catalog. Demo Duck has been providing its services for a very long time.

The creative team at Demo Duck creates incredible films for use in commercials, instructional materials, and brand promotion.



Epipheo, a US-based video production company, was established in 2009. At Epipheo, a talented team creates animated movies, training videos, social media advertisements, and instructive videos. The IT, cybersecurity, healthcare, and financial sectors employ the studio’s clients. They have won numerous awards for being the best in their industry.

In order to promote the marketing and goals of the company, Epipheo works with a variety of businesses, including its own and start-ups managed by entrepreneurs. They have created countless training video projects for various businesses.


Switch Video

Switch Video is a professional Canadian company that specializes in producing videos. A skilled crew of animators, designers, and creative thinkers work for the firm.

Switch Video has created motion graphics, animated movies, whiteboard animation, and training videos. The company has produced close to a thousand movies and has clients in more than ten countries. Switch Video’s video production services were utilized by large corporations like Abbott, IBM, Amazon, CISCO, and HP.



Since 2009, Wyzol has provided its video production services to clients in the UK and around the globe. A well-known name in video creation is Wyzol, which is known for its innovative and creative methods. The Wyzol team has experience making training videos, animated explainer videos, commercials, and corporate films.

Dell, LG, TNT, Deloitte, Kodak, and other well-known corporations are just a few of the ones Wyzol has worked with. The studio serves clients from around 40 different countries, but most of them are Americans. Wyzol has participated in international competitions and received numerous honors.


Visionary Video Animation

The Visionary Video Animation team has a lot of talent and creates compelling movies. The studio highlights the simplicity of complex subjects through the development of its videos. Visionary Video Animation creates live-action and animated videos as well as advertisements, tutorials, and testimonials.

The studio provides services from UKs to clients all around the world and collaborates with businesses including Facebook, Tik Tok, Good px, Figma, True car, Slack, Uber, Casper, Pitch, Zip car, NBC News, Webflow, Mixpanel, and AWS.


Last Words

How well your internal communication and training work can have a big effect on how well your business meets its goals. Why? As a result, it is simpler to organize teams, deliver important information, and train workers.

Since certain strategies are more suited to explaining how something works while others are better at evoking the emotions that affect behavior, the choice of strategy may help create buzz about a product or service. The format you choose will depend on the message your company wants to send, the audience you want to reach, and your overall goals.

There are a wide variety of training films available for you to choose from. Choose from a variety of possibilities, ranging from a straightforward video to wonderfully made animated animations, to choose the one that best meets your needs. Use movies in the subsequent training sessions to improve the fun, interest, and effectiveness of your staff’s development.

They are excellent for humorously and simply expressing extremely complex topics while also telling a story and highlighting the human side of your business. They are entertaining, creative, and cost-effective media that help explain complex ideas.

While there are more accessible, if you’re looking for the best ones, these 7 should be at the top of your list of things to check out.

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