7 Marla Facing Park House For Sale In Township Block C2

2 Master Size Bedroom with attach washrooms

Drawing room, living room and Garage Marble flooring

Owner Built House contact for More info

It’s never too late to own your home,

so take that decision by choosing from our many available for sale property options.

Take our word and book your House today, as you won’t get a better Rs 12,000,000 than this.

Owning a home in Township is favorable from all aspects, so what are you waiting for.

This listing let you choose the perfect 1575 Square Feet property for you.

Tired of finding House in Lahore that meets your requirements?

Let us help you. All the routine facilities are at a close reach from the Houses in Township.

A few highlighting features of the property are as follows.

The House remains pleasant during summers as well with double glazed windows.

This property gives you all the leverage to personalise your drawing room with the kind of furniture and decor that you like.

This property comes with a high-ceiling dining hall where you can comfortably host family dinners.

All your washing can be done in one place with a laundry room that serves the purpose.

Having a powder room in the home is a great additional feature.

A lush green garden not only adds extra space but it also enlivens your House.

If you are a large family, the spacious sitting area in this House is perfect for you. Contact us now to get all the information you need.

Demand: 1 Crore 20 Lac

Contact: 0322-4731302

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