7 Pre-Writing Strategies for MBA Dissertation No One Will Tell You

Strategies for MBA Dissertation

MBA dissertation prepares students for higher managerial positions in multinational organizations. So, it is very important for you to conduct thorough research on your research topic and craft an appealing dissertation. However, it is facile to say by tongue but difficult to do by hand. The reason is that many students lack essential writing and research skills. Some students just do not know how to start working on their dissertation. I mean, they do not know what the pre-writing requirements of an MBA dissertation are.

So, keeping this in mind, today’s article is about discussing the top 7 pre-writing strategies that you must consider when working on your dissertation. However, before moving on to the strategies, let’s discuss what it means to pre-writing strategies and their importance in writing a dissertation. So, let’s start today’s discussion.

What does it mean by pre-writing strategies? Explain with importance.

When it comes to dissertation writing, especially a dissertation in the business field, you have to pay a lot of attention to it. Working on some pre-writing strategies is an essential part of it. Nevertheless, what does it mean by pre-writing strategies? Pre-writing strategies are the actions you take before the real action starts, i.e., dissertation writing. In order to write an appealing and attractive dissertation, you work on some strategies that can assist you in the actual dissertation writing process.

Coming towards the importance, working on some pre-writing strategies is essential for an MBA dissertation. The reason is that such strategies help you grab an initial firm understanding of the subject. Also, by applying such strategies, you plan out your dissertation effectively, and the plan does not let you get off track at any stage of dissertation writing. So, all these things make working on pre-writing strategies essential. You also have an option to get MBA dissertation help if you are not able to make or follow strategies properly.

What are the top 7 pre-writing strategies for a business dissertation?

Before you dive into some kind of academic writing, it is helpful to consider pre-writing strategies and plan your writing based on those. Such strategies help you define, clarify, and connect the business ideas effectively with your research topic. Also, such strategies reveal the basic understanding of a broad research topic. Hence, a brief description of the top 7 pre-writing strategies is as follows:

1. Brainstorming the research topic

So, you have got a topic to research. Good. After having a topic, there is a good chance that many ideas, thoughts, questions, and answers are swimming around in your head. This is exactly what the first pre-writing strategy tells you to do. Brainstorming allows you to extract as many ideas as possible from your mind. So, think rigorously about the topic as it fosters creative thinking, and you may get a good idea to start with.

2. Clustering the ideas

You have done the brainstorming. What is next? The next phase is to cluster the ideas and arrange them into several categories. It basically means arranging your random ideas into something meaningful that can be helpful for your MBA dissertation. You can cluster the ideas by looking at the bigger picture. So, look at the bigger picture and define the major headlines of your dissertation first. After that, just put every idea into its relevant category.

3. Freewriting

The 3rd and my favourite pre-writing strategy is freewriting. Often spelt as one word, freewriting means writing in response to a prompt or idea without any prior preparation. This activity lets you know where you are in your MBA knowledge and where you need to perform. Freewriting is often time-dependent as you have to set a particular time and write in that time and evaluate your writing. Do not worry if you write in the right or wrong way. Just write your thoughts on a piece of paper.

4. Listing and looping

Although listing and looping are two different pre-writing strategies, they are often categorised as one. The listing strategy tells you to list down all the ideas and thoughts that you have inferred from the freewriting strategy. You wrote freely, and now you know what are suits you the best. So, list all the ideas on a piece of paper. Looping, on the other hand, asks you to choose one of the listed ideas for deeper investigation. It is important to note that interest is very important when listing and looping ideas.

5. Mapping and diagramming

Mapping and diagramming is a great visual pre-writing strategy used in an MBA dissertation. Using this strategy, the researcher or the writer makes a flow diagram of the whole dissertation and its major sections. It helps him to see the relationship between different parts of the dissertation. The creation of concept maps is a great way to see how dissertation elements fit together visually.

6. Answering 5 Ws and 1 H

Answering 5 Ws and 1 H is necessary before starting to write the dissertation. The 5 Ws are what, when, who, where, and why, and the 1 H is how. If you are successful in answering these questions, be sure that you are half done with your dissertation. If you are unable to answer them, then know that a lot of research is on its way for you.

7. Critical reading

Critical reading is the last pre-writing strategy for an MBA dissertation in today’s article. Reading the concepts and theories related to your research topic is critical to developing a perfect dissertation. For this, you must research and read all the scholarly information present on the internet related to your dissertation topic. Highlight the critical points of your research with a marker, as they will help you a lot once you start writing the dissertation.


Conclusively, writing an MBA dissertation is not an easy task. Where it takes high-quality research to write a perfect dissertation, it also demands considering the pre-writing strategies. I have mentioned the top 7 strategies above: critical reading, listing and looping. So, pay special attention to all the strategies and rock your dissertation. Wishing you a happy ending to your dissertation writing.

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