A Brief Introduction to Self-Ligating Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontic Braces

Let us begin with honesty. No one likes crooked teeth. And this is the reason people eagerly slip-on orthodontic braces to correct the problem. Braces are a wonderful invention of man! The range of appliances can actually correct the problem of misaligned teeth. Braces if were a little less prominent and noticeable than the conventional metal ones are just what we all wish.

This utmost prayer seems to have been answered by the heaven above! Self-ligating clear braces are now the call of the time. But what exactly is this variety of braces? Let us explore in the following sections of the blog post.

About self-ligating clear braces

Self-ligating clear braces are more popularly called Damon braces. These are a range of orthodontic appliances meant to straighten your crooked teeth. Compared to the conventional metal braces this variety does its job faster and inflicting less pain. Most importantly this version of braces virtually remains invisible inside the mouth and is barely noticeable until of course someone stands at point-blank range.

These braces have clips in place of metal. The arch wire is supported in its place by the bracket. Patients on Damon braces have to visit their orthodontist pretty seldom. Moreover, they usually do not need undergoing palatial expanders or tooth extractions.

The working principle

When you are at your orthodontist’s office and decided to take this treatment course the support staffs at the practice take a 3D scan of your mouth or a mould of the same. Then the expert prepares your treatment plan based on that evidence. The braces – as in many other procedures – are not only specially designed but also carefully customised to fit perfectly in your mouth.

Unlike that in conventional braces, self-ligating ones do not have any use of rubber bands to support the main arch wire in its place. Interestingly, these braces are especially designed with spring-loaded clips or doors that work exactly the same way as metal doors. The teeth are straightened by the gradual movement of its sliding mechanism.

Self-ligating clear braces and conventional metal braces – a brief comparison

Almost everyone is aware about the open secret of conventional metal braces. The range of orthodontic appliances has to be tightened time and again in short durations to ensure they do their work efficiently. In other words, you are bound to visit your dentist’s office more frequently with conventional braces.

Self-ligating braces work on a completely different mechanism. These work on sliding mechanism and thus get tightened automatically over time. As a result, your teeth keep being straightened on their own while you do not need to visit the dental practice frequently.

Benefits self-ligating braces offer

The Chatfield Dental Braces has reputation in invisalign treatment. But dentists associated with the practice have a wonderful track record in handling patients with self-ligating braces as well. The experts explain the benefits of the later variety of braces as following –

  • Lesser friction and lesser enamel loss – these braces have lesser friction with your teeth. As a result, there is lesser amount of enamel loss compared to other orthodontic braces.
  • Easy to clean – in comparison with traditional braces, this variety has much fewer add-ons and parts. As a result, there is a very limited space for plaque build-up.

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