Advantages of Solving UPSC Previous Year Paper in 2022.


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the government-owned body that conducts India’s most challenging Civil Services Exam, known as UPSC Exam. This exam is mandatory to pass by the candidates who want to get appointed as IAS, IPS, and other top-rank government officers. You’ll be amazed that more than lakhs of applicants apply for this exam each year, which is increasing yearly. There is no doubt that applicants prepare hard to pass this exam. For this, they create excellent preparation strategies, including solving recent year questions. Applicants solve UPSC Previous Year Paper to evaluate their preparation and know the recent trend of question.

After passing the UPSC Exam, they can be appointed as IAS ( Indian Administrative Service), IPS ( Indian Police Service), IFS ( Indian Foreign Service ), IES ( Indian Economic Service ), and so on. Below, we have mentioned some advantages applicants can have while solving the previous year’s paper.

Benefits of Solving Recent Year Papers

The UPSC exam is conducted in three stages. They are Prelims, Mains, and Interview (Personal Interview). Applicants who clear Prelims appear in Mains, and after clearing Mains, they get called for the Interview stage. After adding scores of Mains and Interview stages, the UPSC prepares the merit list. Mentors and toppers suggest applicants solve recent year questions to pass this most competitive exam.

After submitting the application, candidates get hall tickets to appear in Prelims Exam (Known as Pre or the First Written Test). This exam is objective in nature, and applicants face only MCQs. The score of this exam does not get added to the final score, but it is mandatory to pass by each appearing applicant. Once they pass this test, a hall ticket for the UPSC Mains exam gets generated. Apart from preparing notes and following current affairs, it is essential to solve UPSC Prelims Question Paper for clarity about the exam. Apart from practicing, here are the benefits of solving last year’s papers.

Understanding of Exam’s Demand- 

By solving the previous year’s questions, aspirants get an overview of the exam and its structure. It helps candidates to understand the demands of the examination. As you know, after knowing the goal, it becomes easy to achieve it. Once an aspirant understands the needs of this examination, he can prepare easily to pass.

Best Confidence Booster –  Solving recent years’ paper will definitely boost your confidence. Also, you will have an idea and strategy to solve this paper. As you already know UPSC question paper contains a variety of questions where you can test your knowledge.

Mandatory Tool For Self Assessment –  Apart from mock tests and test series, recent year papers are the best tool for doing the evaluation of your preparation. It not only helps you to find your weaknesses but also lets you find the topic you have missed during preparation. Once you find these pain points in your preparation, then you can work on improvements.

Improves Time Management Skills – It is impossible to manage your time until you face the real exam. The pressure of exam become so high that it makes it difficult to do time management during exam like UPSC. On the other hand, while solving the papers of last year, you can improve this skill and train your mind to be ready for exam pressure. It will surely keep you at an advantage.

So, these are the benefits you will get by solving the papers of the previous year’s UPSC Exam. Many candidates make the mistake that they focus on Mains exam paper and ignore the Prelims exam question paper. Remember that UPSC does repeat a few questions. It means it is possible that the question you have solved from the previous year’s question paper may come in this year’s exam.


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