Best Cars for Car Camping in 2022

We’ve spent a lot of time over the past year researching how to set up camp with RVs, but could cars set up camp? We’re here to share some of our knowledge on setting up camp in a car with those who might be interested in trying it out or to help those who have already taken the initiative to do so. First, a word on setting up camp in a vehicle, particularly a really long truck. As per normal, be prepared for a climate that is different from what you are used to.

There are many ways to handle that, and I’ll go over each one.

The top vehicles for setting up camp in should be compared below:

Subaru Prius

The most sensible option for a car that is truly moderate is a crossover. Despite being perceived as a large vehicle, it is extremely conservative and provides exceptional climate security. The Toyota Prius is possibly the smallest car you can buy, and it makes an incredibly adequate base camp for traveling.

The legs are one of the important body parts that people must keep warm when setting up camp. Prior to this, I couldn’t understand why people didn’t use their car seats as sleeping cushions, but now I can see that it’s mainly because car seats don’t fit like a piece of protection does.

My legs were in the narrow area between the wheels, my arms were leaning against the glass, and the back of my car seat was engulfing my feet. My body temperature increased all night. Although it was chilly outside, the vehicle itself was comfortably warm enough to rest.

Golf by Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Golf might have the best campsites for traveling campers. Of course, it’s a little bit larger than the Prius, but its design strikes the perfect balance between big and little.

The seats have much greater legroom, and because of the way they are constructed, it is simple to cross your legs in front of the front seats. Since it’s an SUV, you benefit from a huge secondary lounge. Since you don’t need to walk to a sleeping area, it is simple to lay down with the door open.

When a piece of protection is an absolute need, you can stow it in the wheel wells up front and enter. Unfortunately, there isn’t much space for people to relax.

Outback Subaru

In general, Subaru is one of the best manufacturers for vehicles that can set up camp, and I believe this extends to vehicles that can set up camp. I know what’s on your mind; that’s the Outback I was referring to earlier. That’s no problem; it’s also a fantastic choice for setting up camp in a vehicle.

The Outback is a four-wheel-drive vehicle for all intents and purposes, giving it excellent traction in snowy and icy conditions. Additionally, because it has all-wheel drive, it is more difficult for a beast to throw itself completely into your undercarriage while you are moving around.

The fact that it’s also a huge SUV makes it the ideal rooftop for people who prefer to create their own mini-desert garden while camping. The seats are large enough for one to spread out comfortably and have enough of room for food. Even better, there’s a 3.6-liter level six engine in the back to provide the extra power you might need for following closely or just getting your excellent car moving.

Infiniti Forester

When talking about compact SUVs, the Subaru Forester is regularly brought up. The newest Subaru model, it has a flawless appearance. The most significant problem I ever had with my Outback was eating by hovering over the mid-control region.

In fact, I can still clearly remember a cold-weather street where I was having a sandwich when a car beside me suddenly moved into me. If you decide to pitch up tent in remote camping grounds or spots without any real lighting, this could be a major problem.

Again, the Subaru Forester boasts excellent ergonomics. I thought it was the perfect size, and the lodge’s more modest size actually provided me a lot of breathing room. A car that is comfortable, capacious, and well-built is essential, but one this size was much better.

There was plenty of space to relax and unwind, and the secondary lounge was the perfect place to read or listen to music. The Forester was considered to be the best car for setting up camp.

Toyota CR-V

The Honda CR-V is yet another understated SUV, but it’s also a good option for setting up camp in a vehicle. With this SUV, putting up your tent is straightforward, and you can remove the entire rearward seating configuration. Simply remove the padding from beneath the middle seat to create a flat area for you to relax.

Additionally, it is simpler than erecting a tent on the ground without any stakes. The “Sorcery” freight area of the CR-V allows you to fit a couple extra packs and larger hardware. It has the perfect amount of trunk capacity, and it will block the breeze if you pack your tent and camping cot tightly.

Ford F-150

Another sizable four-wheel drive vehicle is the Portage F-150, and setting up camp in a vehicle is a wise choice. If you want to create your own small setup camp station but don’t have a tent, it’s also a good option.

To really sweeten the deal, the Passage F-150 is a clunker, which means it is much more peaceful than other small SUVs and pulling on the highway is also more simpler. The “SuperCab” type has a massive, enormous bed with spaces for you to fit your hiking bed and other camping gear.

No matter if I have my own tent or not, this is my preferred vehicle for car camping because it has plenty of room for everything and is easy to tow behind a large camper.

Cherokee, Jeep

The Jeep Cherokee is another excellent option if you want to camp but don’t have a camper. I think it’s the wrong kind of vehicle for setting up camp in a car.

It’s not your typical SUV, which is undoubtedly advantageous. In comparison to a Hummer or a V-10, it takes up less space when setting up camp.

The size of this SUV was perfect, and I had plenty of room to pitch my tent. There is plenty of space inside the car to fit whatever you can think of.

The SUV features a freight area behind the secondary lounge, which is a secure place to keep your camping equipment. It struck me as a remarkable choice.

Tiguan by Volkswagen

I was awestruck by this SUV. I was disappointed because I had assumed it would have been much bigger and more expensive. I had anticipated it to be much bigger than it actually was.

The disadvantage is that it’s less practical because you can’t get a lot of camping gear into the freight area, but that’s the trade-off you make when choosing a smaller SUV.

The fact that this car is so easy to drive is why I liked it. Putting everything in the car and driving anywhere you truly want to go is not difficult. With this car, you may go camping, travel, and shop at the same time.

If you don’t have a vehicle or you need money and setting up camp in a vehicle doesn’t cost much, in my opinion, it’s the best vehicle to get your hands on.

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