Best menstrual cup UK

Menstrual cups are alternative to tampons or pads and there are many brands of this product in market. We have mentioned for you best menstrual cup UK.

What is menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a product for females. It is reusable hygiene product with funnel shape which is small have a flexible material made of rubber or silicone. This is used to insert in vagina to catch the period fluid and collect. These cups have ability to hold more blood than other methods, It is eco-friendly, easy and comfortable way and alternative to tampons. It can be wear upto 12 hours depending on your flow.


Lena Menstrual Cup


Lena Menstrual Cup is a reusable and made with silicone, it collects your monthly blood flow. It is inserted like a tampon and sits very comfortably in the vaginal canal. Lena cup offers odorless, comfortable, sensation and leak free periods active and comfortable.

You can wear this cup for twelve continuous hours before having to clean it and reinsert it after clean. Buy wearing this cup, you can even run, dance, sleep and swim. It performs equally well when you are in motion or at rest.

Lena menstrual cup is totally hypoallergenic and is free of dioxins, latex and BPA from the first period to last. It is ideal for users regardless of their physique, level of activity and history of reproductive.

If you are a new user, Company recommended that you choose small size regardless of your flow. Large size is ideal for experienced users looking for added capacity Zero Waste.

With proper care and use, one menstrual cup can be reused for many years eliminating the need for disposable products. It has 100 percent post consumer packaging is chlorine-free, printed, used vegetable-based inks and is completely recyclable. Due to these characteristics, it is best menstrual cup UK.


  • With 12 hours protection (day and night)
  • No risks of leaking, no smell, no sensation
  • Fully comfortable and active
  • Perfect for both adults and teens
  • A product made in California

This is best menstrual cup for heavy flow.

Before using a menstrual cup

When you are going to put in your menstrual cup or using a menstrual cup for the first time, it may be feel uncomfortable for you. But greasing your cup can make this process easy and smooth.

Before using, lubricate its rim with water based lube. Now it is wet and much easier to insert in your vagina.

How to Put in?

It will be easy for you if you have already using a tampon. Below are the steps to put in your menstrual cup.

First of all wash your hands and apply water-based lubricant or water to the rim of the cup.

Fold it in half by holding in one hand with the rim facing up.

Insert the cup in your vagina, rim up.

It should sit below your cervix in few inches.

Once you have entered the cup is in your vagina, rotate it so it will spring open stops leaking and make an airtight seal. If you don’t have inserted your cup correct you shouldn’t feel it.

Now you can stand, sit, jump, run, swim whatever you want. Your cup will not fall out. If you are facing problem inserting cup, consult with your doctor.

When to take your menstrual cup out?

Duration to wearing best menstrual cup UK is 6 to 12 hours which depends on your flow. This means you can use it for overnight protection. You should remove it after 12 hours because it becomes full and may leaks.

How to take your menstrual cup out?

To take it out, just follow these steps:

Wash your hands and pull the steam of cup slowly until you can reach the base by using your index finger and thumb.

Pinch the base so that the seal release, pull it down, bring it out and empty in toilet.

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