Best places to host your corporate events in Dubai marina

corporate events in Dubai marina

Dubai Marina is a manmade marina that runs 3 km along the shoreline. A decent mixture of luxurious hotels, residential apartments, and marketplaces. A place to witness the beauty of the sunrise as well as the sunset. At night its beauty is doubled, when the glossy skyscrapers welcome you to dine in and enjoy the beauty of the area. Walk along the Jumeirah beach residency and look at the modern architecture. The famous attraction of the area is the yacht rental Dubai which offers varied yachts to have a tour of the blue water while having a glimpse of high-rise buildings.

Many special events like birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, wedding ceremonies, and anniversaries are hosted at the Dubai marina because of its unique architecture and fun options. Corporate events like seminars, award ceremonies, meetings, promotion days,s and the launching of new products can be held at the Dubai marina. There are many places like restaurants, hotels, yachts, and cafes which are best to host such events.

Best places for corporate events

Grosvenor House

It is a big luxury hotel with 5-star facilities. Elegantly towered iconic Grosvenor house had large meeting rooms, a gym, and luxury rooms; outstanding catering facilities make it a perfect place for corporate events. Guests are entertained with the best of the services and are allowed to witness the serene beauty of the Dubai marina. The guests are allowed to attend the event and relax after it. They can capture beautiful moments.

Yacht rental Dubai

corporate events in Dubai marina

A typical setting for the events is hotels, and restaurants but a unique way to celebrate the event is to book a yacht. There are a variety of yachts that can be booked for corporate events. Lotus mega yacht with a capacity of 500 guests and 220 ft size serves 5-star facilities to the guests and has a spacious area for conducting events. Desert rose yacht is 155 ft in size and can accommodate 250 guests. The crew members work hard to make the event successful by providing you with the best facilities and making the guests feel comfortable while attending the event. Sailing on a yacht had many benefits that there will be no disturbance, and proper catering facilities and it also offers the guests to enjoy the beautiful coastal areas and tall buildings under the silent sky. Yachts offer to capture the snaps for future memories.

Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Hotel

It gives a unique 5-star beach resort with some spectacular features. These features include luxurious rooms, restaurants, a water Bay, and panoramic views over the palm Jumeirah and Arabian gulf. There is some entertainment option for every age there. As the corporate event is not just a serious event now, it needs some lively options to make the guests attract to it so the hotel has everything which can entertain the guests in a luxurious manner. It had huge conference rooms for meetings, seminars, and other events of the business line. They are fully furnished with every necessary thing. A delicious food course will be served to the guests on demand.

JW Marriot Hotel Dubai

It welcomes guests to the heart of the downtown city. Marriot hotel is totally a luxurious tall building that offers iconic views of the water and Dubai marina cityscape. Gracefully furnished rooms with 24-hour service and a huge conference room. It can accommodate up to 80,000 guests with all the required facilities available. The meeting rooms are versatile and offer high-speed internet facilities and a professional catering team to make the event flawless. It will prove best for the company as the clients and workers get impressed by the event and will try to work harder.

Address Hotel Dubai Marina

It is the cream of the location of 5-star that sprung up around the Jumeirah beach. The interior design is innovative and inspiring. Corporate events are held in the conference rooms as well as the open area. Guests are served with state of art facilities and fabulous views across the sea and palm Jumeirah. They offer private desks with iMacs and proper dine-in restaurants with delicious food. Beautiful photographs can be captured and displayed after the event in the news and on billboards. It will make the good name of your company.

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