Cannabis Companies In Canada 9 That You Should Know 

The Cannabis industry in Canada is growing fast following its legalization leading to an increase in companies that manufacture Marijuana products and focus on the aspects of its farming, growth, and distribution. Many new businesses are currently embarking on selling Cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. Moreover, there are many benefits of using marijuana regularly, attracting investors. 

Currently, many companies make considerable revenue from selling Cannabis. They have succeeded in creating employment and expanding their markets from local to international. Below is a list of the top cannabis companies in Canada that you can consider while purchasing weed.

1. Weed Smart

You can purchase weed online from Weed Smart, the best Canada Online cannabis dispensary. Visit their site and make bulky purchases at discounted prices. They have prompt shipping, and you will receive your product within a few days. The product also comes in a discrete manner, which ensures no one knows the components present in your package.  

Depending on your taste and preferences, the store has over 30 strains of high-grade BC marijuana to choose from. Besides, they also have exceptional customer service that will attend to your needs and answer any inquiries.  

2. Aphria Inc

Aphria is a leading company that deals with the production, growth, and marketing of Cannabis products used for medicinal purposes. They work closely with pharmacies that also deal in medicines that have Marijuana as an active ingredient. Some of the typical products from the company include oils and oral sprays.  

Their Cannabis farming takes place in greenhouses with several advantages, such as ensuring a steady supply of produce throughout the year regardless of the Climatic patterns. The plants enjoy the required sunlight, allowing them to grow fast.  

3. Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth also produces Marijuana used in medicinal products. The company has a laboratory that ensures all the manufactured products get tested for their quality. Besides that, they get to research whether the products have other medical benefits and whether you can use them with other products. 

They also test the side effects of the products to know whether they should go into the market or not. If the product has adverse side effects, they prefer not to produce more. Notably, the company is among the most significant cannabis company in the world, and it sells its products to different parts of the world.  

4. Aurora Cannabis Inc

Aurora is both a cannabis producer and distributor. The company works closely with suppliers to ensure that there is a constant distribution in the market.  

Notably, the company deals with both recreational and medicinal cannabidiol products. They have a variety of products, including snacks and drinks with Cannabis as an active ingredient. The company trades both in Canada and other regions where Cannabis is legal.  

5. Village Farms International Inc

Village Farms mainly grows its Cannabis in greenhouses and sells them to various retailers in the USA and Canada. The firm operates a Cannabis business which is a wholly-owned subsidiary.  

It also has established other ventures which promote the sale and distribution of Cannabis in large quantities in different regions. They deal in the cultivation of Hemp and extracting CBD in its natural form.  

6. Tilray Inc

Tilray is a firm in Canada that focuses on the cultivation, processing, and distribution of Cannabis used in the medical industry. Besides that, they also conduct research based on medical Cannabis to know some of the benefits users will get from it.  

Some standard products the firm processes and manufactures include dried cannabis and cannabis extracts. Notably, the company has specific markets in which it trades; hence not all regions will have access to its products.   

7. Ayr Wellness

Ayr Wellness focuses on cultivating, manufacturing, and distributing a wide range of Cannabis and its other related products. The products have both recreational and medical purposes. Some of the common brands in the company include Kynd and Sira Naturals. Besides, they also have Cannabis-based vape products, including line Entourage.  

8. TerrAscend Corp

TerrAscend is a Canadian company that offers cannabis products for recreational and medicinal purposes. They have a portfolio of businesses that are also in the same industry. The businesses deal with the manufacturing and processing of Marijuana. Besides that, some deal with the distribution of the products to the prospective market.   

9. Hexo Corp

Hexo is a company that was established recently but is growing fast and surpassing most of its competitors in the Cannabis industry. They initially began by supplying medical cannabis products, but they have now extended to the adult-use recreational market after the legalization of Marijuana countrywide. They offer a wide range of products consumers find suitable for their needs.  

Notably, the company also sells its products in the United States, making it easier for them to serve all its customers regardless of location.   


Marijuana production is set to increase in the future due to the speculation that other countries will follow the same route as Canada in legalizing it. More businesses are also getting established daily, making it easier for consumers to purchase their products nearby.  

You can now enjoy the comfort of making purchases online. It will help if you research the various Cannabis products before purchasing to help you settle on the right product with all the necessary ingredients. 

Notably, you must be of legal age before accessing any Cannabis products. If you are using the products for medicinal purposes, it would be best to involve your doctor in the treatment process.  


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