CCIE Security and CCNP Core SCOR 350-701 Complete introduce

It would be right to say that it is no longer an easy task to become an IT expert. Many people are seen preparing to get certifications and become certified professionals. One of the best ways to become an IT expert is to get the certifications and take part in different Cisco CCIE exams. The CCIE Security Certification is one of the most known certifications that people can get. The CCIE certifications have a high demand in the networking industry.

A CCIE Security Certification

The CCIE Security Certification is the worthiest certification that people can get in the IT networking industry. This certification has great value, and no one can deny the significance and importance of CCIE Security Certification. People with relevant expertise, skills, knowledge and experience in the networking industry can get the CCIE Certification.

They should be capable of handling the designs, support, implementation, engineering, and troubleshooting of the wide range of Cisco security solutions and technologies. The candidates have to pass the exam to get the CCIE Certification. You can also know about CCNP Core SCOR 350-701.

The CCIE Examination

The CCIE Examination has two parts, the written and the lab exam. The written exam is also known as a qualifying exam. By passing, the candidate qualifies for the lab exam. However, the exam is a 2 hours lab exam that checks the performance and capabilities of the candidates.

The best the candidate can do is to spend at least 1000 hours studying to pass the exam. This is how they can manage to complete the exam. However, the study hours do not guarantee the candidate’s success, but it improves their preparation.

After the candidate passes the written part of the exam, it lasts for 1.5 years. Therefore, the candidates have 1.5 years to prepare for the certification exam and take the lab test. The 1.5 years duration of preparation is crucial. It is normal for candidates to fail the exam on the first attempt. Thus they have to reapply for the certification.

The lab exam is an 8 hours long exam that candidates have to take to get the certification. In this exam, a candidate must plan alone, deploy, design, optimize and operate complex network security solutions.

What do the candidates need to pass the exam?

You might be one of those candidates searching for the most effective ways to pass the CCIE Security exam and get the certification. It is to be mentioned that getting the certifications is not an easy task. Therefore, they must put in some effort and hard work to get the certification. The candidates need to make sure of certain things. So let us get started.

Time is the most important factor contributing to getting the certification, as it is an important asset. The candidates have to practice harder and study harder. Getting the CCIE Certification requires the candidates to pass 1000-2000 hours. Time is the most valuable thing that people can utilize in their journey towards getting the certification.

Every degree and certification comes with a certain cost. The same is the case with CCIE Security. The examination cost of CCIE is $2050, out of which $450 is the cost of the written exam and $1600 is the cost of the lab exam. You can get more information about CCNP Security on the official website.