Checkout the 5 best Plastic drawer and Wooden Storage Box Combos Kits

5 best Plastic drawer and Wooden Storage Box Combos Kits

Of all the things we might find difficult, here’s life’s toughest question – This or that? This conundrum can befuddle you several times; be it when you’re picking out shoes for a party or deciding what color to paint your walls. And when it comes to home improvement and organization, it can get even trickier. With tonnes of options around, you might be caught in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right solutions for your home. Thankfully, this is one dilemma we have the answer to! To make things easier for the novice home organizer, there are several starter kits or combos that bring the best of everything to help you get started on your journey to creating a better, well-organized space.  From keeping your fridge organized to help you keep your pantry neatly stacked with plastic drawers, these collections are carefully curated to cater to your every need.

If you’re looking for some of the best combos and kits out there- and can’t decide which ones are right for you – well, leave that to us! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite combos that are guaranteed to up your organization and storage game:

#1 InterDesign Wooden Pantry & Cabinet Starter Kit

Grabbing the number one spot is the Interdesign Wooden Pantry & Cabinet Starter Kit – and for good reason. If like most of us, you have a well-stocked pantry, it comes with its share of storage challenges. A neat and organized pantry is the key to putting your ingredients in order, and saving time on those busy mornings when you’re rushing to whip up a new recipe. This starter kit is perfect to get things in line. Complete with open stackable organizers, storage containers with integrated handles, and divided turntables, this kit has everything you need to sort out your stashes of spices, herbs, vegetables, grains, and more. If you’re not a fan of plastic drawers, the kit is completely made of sustainably sourced Paulownia wood, which gives it a completely chic and minimal look, while also being extremely functional. This is one starter kit that is sure to change the face of your pantry. Give it a try today!

#2 Little Storage Kitchen Cabinet Kit

Everything your kitchen ever needs, this is it. Period. The Little Storage Kitchen Cabinet Kit is every organizer’s dream, as it covers anything and everything you would possibly need to keep your kitchen neat and well-organized. The starter kit comprises a three-tiered wooden shelf, that can fit clear Little Storage Spice Jars to get your seasonings in line and in plain view. It also comprises a Little Storage Bamboo Glass Trio With Tray & Spoon that has three jars with a spoon insert making it a perfect choice to store things you might need handy in the kitchen such as sugar, salt, and other condiments. The set also comes with a bamboo tub to hold miscellaneous items and wire baskets with handles that can help you carry items to and from the pantry. If you’re looking for one combo that has it all, then this is something you can’t miss out on.

#3 OXO Good Grip Air Tight Food Container Kit for your Pantry

Another staple for your pantry is this food container kit by OXO! Grains, pulses, cereal, cookies, and nuts – are just some of the items in your pantry that need to be stored properly to preserve their life. We all know what happens to a cookie left out in the open! Keep your pantry essentials safe from bugs, and dust and prevent them from getting stale by investing in the right air-tight plastic containers for the kitchen. Of course, one size doesn’t fit all – and this kit is compiled with that in mind. With containers ranging from as small as 189ml to something as massive as 3.2 liters to accommodate larger quantities, this container kit has an assorted array of sizes to serve multiple purposes. Get this, and you’ll never have to worry about storing your pantry knick-knacks ever again.

#4 Keyway Organize Storage Boxes with Handle Kit

Even the best organized of us, will find the odd stray toy or a book that’s out of place or find that their vanity closet is far too cluttered. For problems that don’t seem to have an answer, the Keyway Organize Storage Boxes with Handle Kit is a perfect choice. This kit comprises of frosted transparent organizer boxes with integrated handles that can be used for myriad purposes. Whether you want to store your selection of perfumes, books, or toys, this kit has boxes of various sizes to accommodate your needs. The three sizes included – Medium, Large, and Extra Large – are ideal for a range of purposes; be it keeping your bathroom cabinet sorted or your wardrobe well-organized. The clear boxes provide a glimpse of the contents, while the handles make it easy to shift the boxes around as needed.

#5 Homesmiths multipurpose bins set of 12

Now, here’s one of our favorites! The Homesmiths multi-purpose bins set of 12 is exactly what the name implies. This combo includes an assortment of varied sizes of clear transparent bins that can be used for just about anything! Cluttered fridge? Use these bins to keep small bottles of condiments and salad dressings organized. Need a way to keep household chemicals organized? These small plastic containers are perfect for that! From using it in the fridge all the way to your office desk, these sleek and elegant-looking organizers can serve a diverse range of purposes. The set includes various sizes, ranging from narrow, and small to large, making it perfect to suit your storage and organization needs.

So, no more going on a never-ending indecisive shopping spree, because these kits take the hassle out of the equation and make the process a lot easier. From plastic drawers to wooden baskets, these combos fuse the best of everything to give you all that you ever needed to up your home organization game.

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