Different Types of Cars Available for Rent in Dubai


Renting a car to explore the city of dreams, or for casual use is a rapidly growing trend in Dubai. The reason behind the massive popularity of rental car services is cheap prices and freedom of choice. Moreover, everyone desires to travel with privacy and comfort which is not possible with public transport. And hiring a taxi is quite expensive.

Various rental car services are providing all types of rental cars at reasonable charges. However, finding a credible SUV or Jeep rental Dubai and any other area is a daunting task. But considering the credibility, seo rankings, previous customer reviews, pricing policy, insurance, and other money-saving offers can help you to reach the right one.

What Type of Car You Can Rent In Dubai?

The car rental services provide their customers with a huge collection of both economic and luxurious cars. One can choose any type of car according to their needs and desires. However, it’s highly recommended to prefer your travel needs, number of passengers, and budget range while selecting a car to rent. It will help you to save money and avoid stress or any trouble due to the wrong selection of car.


Based on familiar or trending rental cars and customers’ needs or requirements we listed here some cars which are available for rent in Dubai.

Dodge Charger

Different people rent a car for different purposes. And the purpose of renting a car plays a key role in car selection. It helps you to choose the best car which can stand your requirements and adjust to your budget.


If you are looking to rent a car for casual use, the Dodge charger is the best choice for you. This medium size sedan car provides comfortable space for 4-5 passengers with incredible efficiency. Its high-class engine helps you to deal with fuel consumption and better quality drive. Moreover, its rental charges are quite low to suit everyone’s budget.


Entrepreneurs, executives, or managers always choose to travel in cars. The reason is that it not only helps them to save time but also provides them with comfort, privacy, and a luxurious ride. Most executives travel to different countries, where they can’t manage to carry their vehicles. Therefore, they often prefer renting car services.

BMW is an excellent choice to rent for attending business delegations, meetings, or parties. Its luxurious interior and exterior are specially designed to mesmerize people. A monstrous V8 engine with incredible horsepower provides great efficiency and a fast and comfortable ride. Its luxurious interior is the best demonstration of advanced technology.

The safety and entertainment features of this business car are unbeatable which adds to its value and demand.


Ford Mustang 

Riding exotic sports cars is everyone’s dream. However, extremely high prices of sports cars force people to give up on this desire. But thanks to rental car agencies of Dubai which provide all types of sports cars for rent at reasonable charges. And when it comes to exotic sports cars, the Ford Mustang is the ultimate choice for people.

Ford Mustang is the best combo of luxury, comfort, and advanced technology. Its glamorous exterior, mesmerizing shape, and moveable rooftop and automatic doors make it one of the most stylish cars. And when you step in,  its stunning interior is a blessing to technology lovers. Its heavy V8 engine, and fabulous horsepower help it to provide incredible speed and comfortable ride on all types of roads.


Range Rover 

If you are looking for the best rental car to enjoy an off-road experience, Range Rover is the best choice for you. This heavy size vehicle is specially designed to tackle the mysterious roads of Dubai. Its large-size tires, wide spacing, high-quality engine, and security features make it an outstanding choice for desert safari lovers.

One can easily get any model of this luxurious car from a credible Jeep rental in Dubai.


Final Thought

Renting a car in Dubai is a very easy and budget-friendly choice to move in or around the city. However, most people confuse choosing from a huge collection of cars for rent and often end up with the wrong choice. They can choose from the above-mentioned cars and make their journey comfortable. You can also search for a car through One Click Drive, the most reliable car app, according to your travel needs, require space, road types, and budget.

Make sure to choose a credible platform to enjoy free home delivery, insurance policy, and other financial benefits.

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