DIY Installation of Interior Doors


Replacement of this type of structure is quite rare – this is a repair, poor work, swelling of the canvas, or loss of appearance. But these reasons are enough to master the minimum knowledge of how to install an interior door on your own and not call a third-party master. You can even order prehung interior doors that come with already attached hinges. These ready-to-go doors can make the installation process even easier.

Dimensions and equipment of interior doors for installation

With a modern variety in stores, you can get confused. Interior doors are hinged, sliding, and folding, except for all the modifications, so the choice must be made consciously and with knowledge of all the subtleties. In addition, boxes and canvases are made from different materials, and each of them has its own characteristics, which must also be taken into account.

Also, interior doors are made not only in standard sizes of our country but also according to the parameters of Europe and Asia. If the choice of design, color, and material for the manufacture of the structure are not so difficult. Then you need to get to know the package and dimensions of the box and canvas better.

There are strict state standards in any field of production, especially in construction. This also applies to interior doors.

Standard sizes of interior doors from different manufacturers

Some EU countries, the parameters of interior doors are 60-90 cm wide in 10 cm increments, with a height of 1.9-2.0 meters. Manufacturers from Europe, for example, France, work according to their own standards and the minimum width of the product will already be 69 cm.

Therefore, before purchasing an interior door, you need to independently determine the required size, which depends on the purpose of the room and the opening. For the bedroom, bathroom and nursery. It is recommend to install structures with a width of at least 60 cm. This value is already increasing to 70 cm in the kitchen, and at least 80 cm is require in the living room.

Such parameters are determine by building codes, which will allow you to freely bring in and take out furniture and evacuate in the event of a fire, so they should not be neglect.

Materials And Equipment For Door Installation

A wide range is offer in the catalog of the online stores

  • From solid wood (oak, pine, walnut, ash) have a higher price. Because it is a natural, environmentally friendly and durable material
  • Veneered products – a more budgetary option, in which a piece of chipboard or lumber is paste over with veneer. While the door looks very presentable and beautiful
  • PVC solutions for the bathroom are perfect, because. They are resistant to moisture
  • The laminated coating performs a more decorative function, but perfectly protects against moisture penetration, so the door lasts longer
  • Glass options with impact-resistant glass will emphasize the modernity of the interior, make the room more spacious and brighter

In order to avoid mistakes, professionals advise preparing all the necessary installation tools before installation. Self-tapping screws, mounting foam, level, tape measure, wooden pegs, hacksaw, chisel, screwdriver, drills for woodworking and concrete.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Assembly of the door
  • Correct determination of the size of the doorway, leaf and the necessary gaps
  • Installing hinges for hanging an interior door
  • Preparing the interior door opening for installation
  • Installing the interior door frame
  • Foaming the gaps of the interior door opening
  • Installing the handle, lock and latch on the interior door
  • Installation of additional strips of the interior door
  • Fasteners for door frames

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