Evolution of Education

Evolution of Education

Education system in India has evolved to a huge extent beginning from vedic period to digital education. Erp for school has faced great revolutions. Though, the significance of education has been emphasized in every period. Let’s discuss the brief history of the Indian education system and its evolution across many years.


1.Vedic Period

The major part of knowledge which is put into use by the present generation stems from Vedic period. The Guru and Shishya relationship can be still witnessed in the present education system. The gurukul system follows an independent lifestyle, wherein the teachers and students lived together and educated under the shade of trees. They took notes on palm leaves with the help of sharp writing objects. The gurukul not only focused on academic learning but also empowered students with skill learning. However due to the rigid caste system, only the upper caste system were allowed to gain education while the lower caste students were deprived of these privileges.


2. British rule

After the colonization of the British in India led to the establishment of a new language for communication: English. The language was widely used everywhere, for training, everyday communication, instruction in schools etc. The introduced paper, journals and newspaper which further led to establishment of textbooks. Students no longer took notes on leaves, they had proper equipment like pencils and paper.  Britishers brought major changes in the Indian education system and shifted its focus from learning about the Indian epitome and cultural system to business skills like digitaldefynd. They transformed the age- old system to lead the foundation of modern higher education in the 20th century.


3. Post independence

After India gained independence, a lot of educational institutes revolutionized their system to facilitate higher education within the country. Many government schools and IITs were set up to help students gain quality education. Further advancement led to the establishment of private schools and colleges with exemplary amenities and quality education. This revolution helped to promote holistic development of students. Though, the use of modernized tools was still not launched.


4. Present education practice

The number of private institutes increased in the last decade. Due to an increase in their number, new systems like the CGPA system for grade 10 and extracurricular activities are increasingly promoted. The teaching methodology has also been advanced from being teacher centered to student centered. The new curriculum, syllabus, infrastructure, instructional tool, curriculum everything has been advanced for better. Let’s see in detail what all changes have taken place since the Vedic period.


Methodology – did you ever think of downloading your books from a laptop and learning using these digital devices in the 90s or early 20s? I didn’t. Earlier the students were provided with assignments or homework, which they had to complete within the stipulated time. However now, everything is available at fingertips, teachers don’t have to worry about printing the bulky notes and sharing it with students as well as students do not have to bother about finding relevant content from different libraries. Everything is available on the Internet and it can be used for personal convenience by everyone, be it student or teacher. The management of bulky assignments and exam sheets is reduced as students can easily submit docs or word files at the school website.


Unlike the 90s the curriculum is now student oriented which means active participation of students is emphasized in the present education system. It is found that involvement of students in important decisions related to classroom management and curriculum boost their self esteem and increase their engagement towards education.

Using education software makes teaching methods easier and more effective.


Girl education

Hardly parents bothered about educating their girl child in earlier times. They would simply send boya to school and ask for household assistance from girl children. It was a common practice during the earlier period. However this old tradition is almost demolished from the present education system. The current system highlights the equality of women and empower them to pursue their education in desired fields. It is due to this that we can spot successful females in every field such as medicine, engineering, law, military forces etc.


E- learning

The underprivileged students who can not afford traditional education in the classroom and schools can still seek education with the help of online courses. Advanced attendance management system is introduced to help with management.  The online learning system is definitely a ray of hope for these students.Read More

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