Fixed: TP Link Extender Slow Speed Issues

TP Link Extender slow speed issue

TP Link WiFi extenders are one of the topmost devices to consider in today’s modern era of technology. Whether you are setting up wifi extender for home or office use, this smart device has a capability of delivering high-speed internet to the far corners of the house. Though TP Link WiFi extender range has grabbed many eyeballs, it can leave you frustrated with many technical issues. And, one of the most reported issues is “TP Link extender slow speed” issue.

If you are also sailing on the same boat then we have a rescue plan for you. In this article, you will get some important fixes on how to resolve “TP Link extender speed” issues in a flash. Let’s hit the nail on the head!

Why are you getting TP Link extender slow speed issues?

Before you scroll down and get to know the fixes to troubleshoot “TP-Link extender slow speed” issues, we want you know the most common reasons behind it. Bear in mind – identifying the reasons why you are getting the speed issues will surely help you resolve it in the blink of an eye.

So, without much delay, scroll down and get to know the reasons that might be giving you “TP-Link extender slow speed” issues.


  • Improper connection between your TP Link WiFi extender and router
  • The firmware version on your extender is outdated
  • Use of damage Ethernet cable connecting your extender and router
  • WiFi signals of your TP Link extender is getting interrupted
  • Issues from the end of your internet service provider
  • Partial or incomplete TP Link extender setup

Now, follow the TP Link troubleshooting tips provided below and know how to get rid of “TP Link extender speed” issues.

Fixed: TP Link Extender Slow Speed Issues

Restart Your TP Link Extender

One of the topmost reasons why you are getting “TP Link extender speed” issues is because of technical glitches. For fixing this, restart your TP Link WiFi range extender. To restart your TP Link extender, all you need to do is to unplug your TP Link extender from its respective wall outlet, wait for a few minutes, and then plug the extender back in.

Now, try to access a random web page, let’s say setup page to check whether “TPLink extender speed” issue is fixed or not. If not, then don’t scroll away.

Verify the Ethernet Connection

Chances are that the Ethernet cable you are using to connect your TP Link WiFi range extender and router is damaged or worn out. Please verify it! By any chance if you found any sort of damages in the Ethernet cable, it is recommended to replace it right away. Do not tape up the cable.

Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

If electronic, WiFi, or Alexa devices are placed in the way of your TP Link extender, then also it will lead you to “TPLink extender slow speed” issues. To troubleshoot the issue, you must place your TP Link extender away from the reach of interference-creating WiFi obstructions.

Bonus: You can take our suggestion on where to place your TP Link WiFi extender.

Perform TP Link Extender Setup

Performing TP Link extender setup using tplinkrepeater login details can also help you resolve “TPLink extender slow speed” issues. For instructions, it is recommended to refer to the TP Link extender manual.

Contact Your ISP

If you are getting slow internet speed from your service provider’s end, then also it can give you “TPLink extender slow speed” issues.  So, contact your ISP immediately and ask him to put you on an upgraded internet plan.

Bonus tip: Updating TP Link extender firmware helps in fixing bugs, improving WiFi performance, and enhancing security of your TP Link WiFi range extender. 

And with the bonus tip, our article on how to fix “TP Link extender slow speed” issues ends here. So, was the article helpful?

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