Gadgets You Must Always have as a Truck Driver

As a truck driver, you will live on the go plenty of times. There is no saying where you will be and what kind of services you will get at that place. This is why it is important to always keep all the gadgets for truck drivers with you. These gadgets can help you be more productive and make your life as a truck driver much easier. 


GPS and maps

You must have a GPS device if you’re a truck driver. It helps you get from point A to point B without getting lost, and it’s portable so you can take it with you. With these devices, all the information is in front of your eyes and is easy to use and reliable. For example, suppose there’s an accident on the road ahead or some other bad weather condition. In that case, your GPS will alert you beforehand so that you can make alternate plans or reroute yourself around any danger zones.


GPS devices are also great for staying safe on the road—they let drivers know how long it takes them to get where they need to be based on current traffic conditions, how many miles per hour they should be driving at any given time, whether there are speed traps nearby; what lane changes should be made next and a lot more. 


Tire pressure gauge

If a tire pressure gauge is one of the first must-have items in your truck, it’s because driving with low tire pressure is a leading cause of accidents.

Tire pressure gauges are easy to use: You stick them into each wheel and then read the gauge to see how much air is left. When all four tires are good, your spare should also be full.


The best time to check your tire pressure is after filling up with gasoline, but before starting on a long drive—you want to avoid any surprises that could lead you off-road or into another vehicle. And don’t forget about seasonal factors: Winter weather affects how much air there is inside your tires.


Cargo load bars

Cargo load bars are a must-have for professional truck drivers, as they help you load your cargo onto the bed of your truck safely. Cargo load bars are also helpful when unloading your cargo, as they support and prevent damage to your belongings.


CB Radio

A CB radio is a two-way radio you can use to communicate with other truck drivers. It was designed specifically with truck drivers in mind. CB radios are used frequently by truckers and dispatchers, so it’s good to have one if you plan on driving long distances regularly, and it is one of the essential gadgets for truck drivers. 


These radios come in two different types: handhelds and base stations.Handhelds are small units that run off batteries and transmit information 5 miles away from their location, depending on weather conditions and terrain. Handhelds also allow for private conversations between multiple parties at once without interruption, unlike base stations which require one person at a time before another can speak into the microphone.


Base stations are larger than handhelds but offer more powerful signals and extra features such as weather alerts or GPS tracking capabilities (if installed). Base stations have external antennae that allow them to reach distances of 35 miles around their specific area via line of sight signal strength – meaning no obstructions from trees, buildings, etc., will hinder transmission quality.


Air Horn

An air horn is a necessity for any trucker. It allows you to communicate with other drivers, warn them of an emergency or danger ahead, or celebrate your arrival at a destination.


There are many different air horns, but the most common one consists of two pistons that produce high-pitched tones when compressed. They are held inside plastic housing units and can be mounted on the dashboard or sides of the truck cab using brackets and screws. To operate an air horn, press down on one piston, which compresses it enough to produce sound waves that travel through the air as any other sound wave would travel through water or another medium. 


Cell phone and charger

The cell phone is a crucial tech for truck drivers. You will be using it to make calls, send texts and emails, check weather reports and movie times, get navigation directions (if you don’t have a GPS), post photos on social media, listen to music, and much more. You should always keep your charger if you run out of battery when you need it most. 


Missing out on even a single item on the list may lower your productivity as a truck driver and make it difficult for you to carry out your daily tasks. 

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