Goecha La Trek can be an ideal adventure for anyone who is looking to be adventurous. It offers stunning views of the mountains surrounding it. Alongside Kanchenjunga 14 other summits offer amazing views for the trekkers. Goecha La is considered to be one of the largest mountain ranges, which is located close to other mountain treks that are found in Nepal. Goecha La is extremely well-known to trekkers from all over the world.

What made it so well-known?

To get an answer to the question, we have to dive into the depths of Nepal’s history. It is the Civil War of Nepal which was declared in 1996 and ran through 2006, had given an important place in the Goecha La Trek. Since Nepal was not open to trekkers during the time of the Civil War, the adventure-seeking brave started looking for alternative routes to travel to Nepal. Goecha La was their only alternative. It was a trail that allowed them to explore the trail and made it the third-highest peak in the globe. It offers a variety of breathtaking views that are part of the Singalila Range from the summit of Dzongri. In the Spring and Autumn Seasons Goecha La Trek is usually visited. 

Goecha La as well as Spring

Between April and May typically, spring arrives and is the ideal time to go to GoechaLa Trek. The spring season can bring a romantic and misty look to this area. In the daytime, temperatures range from 12° Celsius up to fifteen degrees Celsius. At night temperatures will fall from zero degrees Celsius to the minus of -3 degrees Celsius. Three warm layers of snow are also found in the area. It is possible to sense an influx of Snow at the time you arrive at the viewpoint. There will be snow in some areas, as well as the meadows would be completely covered with fog. There are also chances for snow falling on the slopes of Dzongri.

Do not miss the special sensation of spring here. Goecha La is surrounded by Rhododendron forests. In the spring the entire area is full of the beautiful red and pink flowers that bloom during this time. Through the forest trails these visuals make trekkers and their minds happy. The entire landscape is alive in the springtime of Goecha La. A forest is a misty place with flowering scarlet. From the area around Bakhim, it is possible to be able to see the blooming Rhododendrons. Once we reach Tshoka it was possible to feel the growing variety of Rhododendrons. They’ll have increased numbers too.

From Tshoke from Tshoke Phedang

The Rhododendron belt is found along the trail. Different varieties of rhododendrons are fringed and form a rhodo tunnel. The trekkers will walk through this tunnel. Kanchenjunga National Park provides such incredible diversity that it contributes to such variety and beauty. The magic of heaven is evident in the sun’s rays. sunshine through the vibrant rhododendron blooms. Rhododendron flower petals are available in many shades that range from yellow, white as well as scarlet, pink, and so on. It’s awe-inspiring by Nature, isn’t it?

The autumnal season

The autumn season runs from October and November. It offers clear images to those who visit. In the daytime, the temperature fluctuates between eight degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius. While at night temperatures range from -5 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius. During this period the area will be like it’s a bit snowy. Five warm layers are needed.

Kanchenjunga National Park

If you come to this area during the fall, the primary thing you’ll overlook will be the Rhododendrons. The sky will appear dim. There will be dense mossy forests beneath the great blue sky. Certain kinds of flora can be found located in the thick mossy forest as you walk along the trail that the trekker’s walk is located within the Kanchenjunga National Park. The mossy forest will alter its color according to the specific seasons.


The air that rises from above the clouds is removed and trekkers will be able to take in the sights of Tshoka, Dzongri, Thansing, and more. At this time, the night sky will be noted by those who are fascinated by photography, poetry, or other such. Night-sky photography is possible. Additionally, you can compose poems about how beautiful the scenery you saw is. Goecha La Trek can be an amazing place and is awe-inspiring when you visit it during both seasons. The place is awash with different kinds of beauty during each season as well. To appreciate Goecha La’s beauty Goecha La completely, one must visit during both the Autumn and Spring seasons.

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