Here Are The Top 5 Reasons To Buy Bajaj CT 100

India imports a majority of its crude oil reserves from other nations. It means that the retail price of essential fuels like petrol will always be expensive here, for the foreseeable future.

Hence, it is no wonder that Indians will always consider mileage as a USP. Especially, when they are purchasing a personal vehicle like a motorcycle! Taking this mindset into consideration, Indian motorcycle manufacturers introduced quite a few mileage bikes in India. One of those bikes is the Bajaj CT 100.

The following sections will shed light on some aspects that make the CT 100 a bestseller from Bajaj.

Here goes – 

Price and Mileage

The CT 100 is one of the best mileage bikes in India. The reason is its 70 KMPL real-world mileage.

Furthermore, compared to other 100 CC bikes from other brands, the CT 100 entails an aggressive price tag. The base variant of the bike retails in India with an (ex-showroom) MSRP of ₹ 57,114*.


The bike is offered by Bajaj in ten variants. The base variant doesn’t have the electric start option. But the top-spec variant comes with – 

  • Alloy wheels
  • Electric start and
  • Drum brakes with CBS (Combined Braking System).

It is ideal for new bikers in both urban and rural areas

The dry weight of the motorcycle’s latest iteration is reduced a bit. This makes it easy for new riders to learn and hone their biking skills. The latest iteration of the bike has certain tweaks that make it ideal for urban and rural riders.

For instance – 

  • The overall ride quality of the bike has been improved.
  • The suspension travel factor for both the front and rear suspension units of the bike has been increased. The increased suspension travel makes it easy for one to ride the bike comfortably over bad roads.
  • The engine on the latest iteration of the bike has been engineered to deliver additional low end-torque.

The looks are trendy and the colour schemes are appealing

The bike’s overall looks are great. The latest iteration entails a fresh batch of colour schemes. This much-needed update in colour schemes keeps the bike appealing to the masses.

In this context, the latest batch of colour schemes available for the CT 100 consists of – 

    • Gloss Ebony Black with Blue Decals
    • Matte Olive Green with Yellow Decals
    • Gloss Flame Red with Bright Red Decals
    • Gloss Ebony Black
    • Matte Olive Green and
    • Gloss Flame Red.

The Engine specifications are best-in-class

The bike has a 99.3 CC, air-cooled engine. It is a single-cylinder, fuel-injected, BS6-compliant unit.

Despite the small displacement, the engine is quite capable as it can deliver a peak power of 7.7 bhp. Furthermore, the peak torque output of the motor is set to 8.34 Nm. 

The four-speed gearbox does a tremendous job of delivering a linear performance. The gear ratios have been revised. The gearshifts are effortless as the clutch pull-action is light.

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Ride quality and handling are superb

The CT100 is built on a single-cradle frame. Truth be told – the cradle frame chassis is borrowed from the Platina range. Hence, it is natural for the CT 100 to offer amazing ride quality. At low speeds, the CT 100 feels well-balanced.

Hence, manoeuvring the bike in the crowded streets of the city will be pretty easy. The best part is that even at high speeds on the highway, the rider can quickly overtake other vehicles. The sudden changes in the lean angles are buffered seamlessly by the bike without scaring the rider.

The suspensions of the bike are set for comfort. To put things into perspective, the front fork suspension travel has been increased by 125 mm. The increase in suspension travel allows the bike’s body to remain relatively steady even on rough roads. The twin rear Sprint-iN-Spring suspensions are set to keep the rider(s) comfortable on both short and long trips.


CT 100 is the best bike when one is looking for a 100 CC fuel-efficient motorcycle that is affordably priced. Furthermore, it is reliable, and durable and entails low ownership costs. Hence, buying this motorcycle will be a great decision.

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