How can you boost Facebook page likes?

How can we motivate users to join our page if we’re beginning and don’t have the resources of a vast network? These kinds of questions are asked frequently, particularly on the Facebook Group. We all recognize that Facebook is an excellent platform to advertise our company. Facebook recently released these statistics. According to a study, Facebook is among the most effective methods to increase popularity, particularly in the local area:

Most of them state that Facebook is a robust social media platform in their marketing strategy. Does it seem like I do not need you to persuade you to utilize this platform? However, the question is: how can you get your name noticed in this social network that currently has millions of SMEs across various countries?

Naturally, the first steps are often lengthy and challenging; however, many strategies can help you get your name out there faster click here.

In this post, I will discuss the different free ways to advertise your Facebook pages. For this post, I conducted extensive research. Specific techniques I knew and used at home. But, there’s an aspect I’d not considered that seems highly relevant to apply.

Invite your friends to Like the page.

We’re creating our company’s Facebook page. We have chosen the banner, a gorgeous name, and a magnificent description, but we have no followers on the page. What’s wrong? What are we doing wrong?

We ask our friends to join us on our page! I’m pretty sure the majority of us have. But is it efficient? Does this fact that we’ve got a brother, husband and uncle who enjoyed the page assist us in growing our audience? The answer lies at the top of the questions that must be addressed before creating the page.

Note: I’m not against inviting members of our network. However, it should be done once the people have begun engaging with your page. We can invite people who might be curious about our work or even those who have joined to help improve the visibility of our page.

Make sure to share the webpage on your website.

If you’ve got a website, you could post information about your company on there. If you have a professional blog on your website, you need to highlight your Facebook page on it. If you promote your page via the blog page, this lets a lot of new users connect with you on Facebook.

For this type of marketing, it is essential to make sure that you place an appropriate location for this “Like” button on your site, enabling you to increase the size of the fan base. How to do it? It’s pretty easy. You can accomplish this manually or by using the help of a WordPress plugin (If you’re using WordPress).


Manually, you must navigate to the dedicated Facebook website. In the beginning, you will need to create the design of the window.

Visit the tools available to Facebook developers and fill in the required fields. After putting the link on your website and adjusting the areas, you’ll be able to observe live what you can see how the Facebook windows will display on your page.

You can choose to:

  • Change the width and height.
  • Make sure to use a smaller header.
  • Hide a cover photo of the image
  • Display the faces of your admirers,
  • Adjust the width of the container for plugins.
  • Make sure that the width and height match the dimensions of the window’s area (I use this feature, but I don’t put the measurements into the window’s pixel size).

The first step is to select first the “text” widget in which you add the code to”the “text” part. After that, you put it at the appropriate location on your site. You can choose any place on your site, but I suggest putting it in your sidebar. It will show up on every page of your site.


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