How To Braid Short Hair



Braiding hair for short hair

Having short hair is always fun and fresh, and you can always get creative in different ways in creating the perfect hairstyle which will suit you the best. Although, it can be quite hard to achieve braids in short hair, it is not impossible! We are here to help you by guiding you to achieve braids on short hair. So, follow us along the journey to create some of the best braid styles on your short hair!


Cornrows for short hair

When you have short hair, the most common braid style that you can do is the cornrow braids. For the cornrow braids:

  • Start with a freshly cleansed hair
  • Apply some natural oils like almonds and olive oils
  • Take your rat tail comb and start to section your hair
  • Secure all the sections with an elastic band
  • Start to plait your hair in three simple strands until you have reached the end of the hair
  • Apply some edge control cream to protect your hair from frizz.

Box Braids

Box braids for short hair

You can wear another finest braid style on your short hair by wearing it in box braids. You can create different hairstyles that you like, like a bun or even with a box braids human hair bob wigs.

For box braids on short hair:

  • Wash your hair and let it get air-dried
  • Sprintz some natural oil on your hair
  • Part them into square-shaped sections
  • Secure the sections with an elastic band
  • Braid them into three simple strand braids until you have reached the end of the hair
  • You can even add some beads to make the sections look beautiful.

Lemonade Braids


Lemonade braids for short hair


You can always achieve these lemonade braids to slay your looks, whether you have long or short hair. Lemonade braids will surely match your style and give you the best looks.

For lemonade braids:

  • Start with a washed hair
  • Apply almond oil for moisture
  • Tie all your hair into a bun
  • Take out only a small bundle of hair that you are first going to work on
  • Always start braiding from the back of your head
  • Work your way up towards the work
  • Create a beautiful circular intricate pattern with your braids
  • Then viola, you will have the finest looking lemonade braids.


Passion Twists

Passion twits for short hair

Sping twist hair or Passion twists is one of the top trending hairstyles every woman loves creating. So, try these passion twits hairstyles on your short curly hair.

To create the passion, twists hair:

  • With a freshly washed hair, apply some curly defining cream
  • Part your hair into square-shaped sections
  • Tie all the sections with an elastic band
  • Take two-strand from each section and start to twist your hair together
  • Create a beautiful springy twits
  • With a brush, amplify those baby hairs on the front

Triangle Box Braids

Triangle box braids for short hair

These are the same as box braids. But, the only difference between triangle box braids and box braids is how you section the hair partings.

To create the triangle box braids:

  • After you have washed your hair, let it get air-dried
  • Then apply some moisturizing hair cream to the oils
  • Section your hair into triangle-shaped partings
  • Then braid those sections into three-simple strand plaits
  • Instead of using an elastic band at the end of the hair, you can bind the braids with beads

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots for short hair

For short hair, the Bantu knots are also a type of hairstyle which you can wear to get the hair off your face.

For the Bantu knots:

  • Apply the moisturizing cream
  • Make the front side of your hair sleek
  • Create random partings on your hair
  • Tie them with elastic bands
  • Create knots or small buns with the sectioning hair
  • Slay your look beautifully with cool Bantu knots


Short hair is a feasible hairstyle for any weather. When you are drenched with sweat on hot summers, the short hair helps keep you cool, and when it’s wintertime, you can always instantly hair extensions that have them longer. These are a few braid styles and the steps to create with short hair. So, get your tools on the table, your mirror up front, and your styling!


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