How to Create Thanksgiving Nails at Home

Thanksgiving Nails

Make sure your manicure is festive before reaching for the food or dousing your entire plate in the sauce Thanksgiving Nails. It is time to enjoy this holiday with your family with mouthwatering nail art! Here are some creative ideas for Thanksgiving-themed manicures that you may use this year.

Thanksgiving Nails in Brown, Gold, and Cream

If you feel that bright orange nails are a bit over the top for you, you might choose an abstracted graphic design such as this one. Draw strong wavy lines on your nails using a blend of mid-brown, cream, and light gold manicure paint, and you’re done!¬†

Dotted Gradient for Thanksgiving Nails

Even more straightforward than the previous manicure. The look is much more fantastic than it appears. You could paint a gradient on your nails, going from lightest to darkest, and then draw a dot gradient over that, going from darker to lighter. To make things simpler for yourself, gather a set of matching hues, then carefully dab nail paint with the applicator tip.

Thanksgiving Nails Inspired by Leaves

This idea is primarily inspired by autumn leaves, which make for beautiful nail art. Simply line your nail tips and nail beds with two conflicting colours to create this manicure, then alternate the colour scheme. To give it a Thanksgiving-like appearance, you may also coordinate with all of the Thanksgiving cuisines, for instance, a pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Nail Art in Plaid

Fall and Thanksgiving are the seasons for plaid. Use multiple Thanksgiving-inspired colours on your nails for this stylish design, such as brown, green and yellow; leaving one nail white. After that, create a plaid design on it with a tiny liner brush.

Nails for Thanksgiving with Simple Brown Lines

Your nail will appear to be adorned with a patent leather Mary Jane shoe with this brown-lined pattern. This design is also quite straightforward. You simply have to trace the contour of your nail’s tip and then repeat the process with a line that is thinner than the first one in the middle of the nail. You may easily make the upper line fuller than the middle through the use of a brush set with different thicknesses.

Tortoise Shell Nails for Thanksgiving

To get into the holiday spirit, you don’t have to limit yourself to cutesy or cheesy nail art. To create this tortoise shell manicure, choose a brown nail polish and add black specks to it. Wear them for the entire month.

Thanksgiving-Themed Red and Gold Nails

Who says the traditional colors for Thanksgiving nails must be orange, brown, or green? As a sophisticated Thanksgiving manicure, you can also opt for a red manicure with a touch of gold nail color around the cuticles. The greatest part is that you can adapt these nails to fit your needs for every holiday, including Halloween, Christmas, and those in between. Without a doubt, the perfect fall nail polish combination.

Abstract Thanksgiving Faces

Grab any light-pink nail polish, emerald nail polish, gold nail polish, and a black nail-polish marker to experiment with this cute and incredibly artsy nail look at home this Thanksgiving. To create these stunning yet simple Thanksgiving nails, paint your foundation colours first. Then, look up some abstract faces online and sketch them on your nails.

Thanksgiving Nails in Two Tone

In case you’re already fearing your task list for November 25, these nails are straightforward, tidy, and sparkly, which is just what we could use for Thanksgiving. Choose a two-toned manicure with beige and caramel nail paint on each hand if you want to boost the ante.

Thanksgiving-themed Half-and-Half Nails

Try a neutral brown nail polish if painting half of your nail in tortoiseshell designs doesn’t feel achievable in your inexperienced hands. Simply use Scotch tape to cover half of your nail, paint, and then remove the tape whilst your nail is wet.

Abstract Thanksgiving Nail Art

These stunning abstract nails are gentle and precise at the same time. After applying a brown base coat to your nails, take out several Thanksgiving-themed nail polishes and begin painting one nail with each colour.

Thanksgiving Nails with Gradients

If ombré manicures seem a little out of your league, you might try the equally lovely but simpler gradient nail trend. You may easily get ready for Thanksgiving by choosing a variety of muted brown nail polish colours, painting one on every nail going from light to dark, and then finishing with a shiny top coat.

Pumpkin Spice Nails

Our minds automatically conjure up images of pumpkin spice, lattes, pie, and dried leaves whenever someone mentions Thanksgiving. Therefore, including them in your Thanksgiving manicure makes perfect sense. To create this look, paint your nails beige and then use light brown nail polish to make swirls on each nail.

Glittery Thanksgiving Nails

Glittery nails are always in style, whether it is for Christmas, Halloween, or New Year. This is fashionable and simple to do. You simply need to paint your nails with your preferred base colour and then add glitter nail polish to the tips using a sponge.


It is usually a good idea to paint your own nails during Thanksgiving or any other holiday. However, there are several styles accessible online, making it difficult for you to choose which manicure you should get. Hence, make sure to read this post if you are thinking about how your Thanksgiving nails should look this year.

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