How to get dog poop out of carpet?

Each of us loves our pets very much. Our carpets aren’t very friendly to accidents, especially if they happen on them. No matter how tough it seems to get out stains and odors, you can do it.

It is easy to get rid of pet poop and urine stains from carpet the right way by knowing how to clean them. Acting quickly is key. You can prevent a stain and bad odor caused by cleaning up urine or poop immediately.

To keep your pet from returning to the spot, you also need to get rid of the odor completely. In any mess you find yourself in, it’s vital that you protect yourself. Afterwards, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly to avoid getting contaminated.

Wear gloves and wear them when handling lab equipment. Solid waste should be disposed of immediately after being removed from your carpet to prevent lingering odors. It is also a wise idea to grab some cloths and a pooper scooper before starting the project.

Absorb the excess liquid

Quick action is critical to resolving the problem. Irrigation urinates quickly and becomes embedded in the carpet fibers. Urine can cause all kinds of havoc in this area, causing bad odors and even ruining carpets.

You should place an old towel over the spot where your pet urinated when you observe him doing so. As much as possible can be squeezed out by applying some pressure.

It is possible to use any heavy object, such as a phonebook. For best results, let the towel and object sit on the stain for about 10 minutes. Pick up another towel and blot out what’s left of the urine after the first towel absorbs most of the liquid.

Make the Area Wet

To remove the stain, apply a little cold water to the area starting from just outside the stain. Water should be slowly poured towards the center. By doing so, the spot will not spread. If urine settles inside the fibers, the water will help to lift it.

Use Enzyme Cleaner

It is safe and non-toxic for use and excellent at removing urine using enzyme cleaners, such as Nilodor 128. As a result of enzyme action, the stain is broken down into its constituents. It also removes annoying stains and bad odors.

The cleaner should be sprayed directly onto the stain – if it is still concentrated, dilute it according to the instructions. Be sure to read the instructions carefully so that you make sure you’re using enzyme cleaners appropriately. Enzymatic cleaners usually have to remain on the stain for several hours.

Absorb the Cleaner

To absorb the cleaner, lay another towel on top. To press more liquid out of a towel, you can place heavy objects on top of it. Put a heavy object on top of the towel and leave it to sit overnight.

It is best to wash or dispose of the towels the following morning if the stain and odor have disappeared.


How to get dog poop out of carpet

Remove the Solid

If the carpet contains any solids, you must remove them before you can address the stain. The pooper scooper makes the process simpler, so we highly recommend it. As soon as the solids are collected, dispose of them in a bag.

Make a Soution

In a large bowl or spray bottle, combine one tablespoon of dishwashing soap and one tablespoon of vinegar. Pour in 2 cups of warm water and mix well.

Sponage the Stain

You can soak the stain slightly with a cloth dipped in the solution. To absorb all the liquid, lightly blot the area with another clean cloth. The process should be repeated until the stain is removed or starts to disappear.

Apply Enzymes

Animal stains and pet odors can readily be removed using enzymes. Bissell Professional Stain and Odor cleaner is highly recommended for cleaning feces.

Dilute any concentrate you wish to use as directed before using it. As per the instructions, apply the cleaner. Follow the directions to determine the exact time you should leave the cleaner in the area.


Clean cloths, towels or paper towels can be used to blot out any excess cleaner and liquid. Approach the stain from its edges and work your way toward its center.

Apply Vacuum

After the area has dried completely, vacuum it. Removing any leftover debris and restoring the fibers will be helped by this.


No matter what kind of pet you have, accidents happen. It’s important to be prepared, especially if you have carpeted floors in your house.

Pet urine and poop can leave unpleasant odors, and if not removed entirely, your pet will likely return to that spot. Clean up any accidents as soon as possible to avoid staining. Liquids will quickly soak into the backing or padding of the carpet, where it can cause unpleasant odors.

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