How to Get Rid of Black Ants in Kitchen Permanently?


It’s annoying to have ants in the house as they make themselves at home anywhere in the house, including the kitchen, but don’t worry, we are telling you how to get rid of black ants in kitchen.

While ants aren’t as harmful a pest as cockroaches and bedbugs, there’s something nastily disturbing about these tiny creatures – they can get into almost anything, including your pantry and food storage.

There are probably thousands of ants crawling aimlessly through your home just like the one you saw. A common type is the odorous house ant, which moves indoors during the warmer months.

Carpenter ants are another common type. The colonies quickly multiply, carelessly roaming your kitchen. There are plenty of effective ways to show these little critters who’s boss, so don’t let them drive you crazy.

How to Get Rid of Black Ants in Kitchen?

The following steps will help you remove ants and their colonies from your kitchen.

Eliminating Their Food Source


Food remains and spills need to be cleared away as soon as possible, so prevention is more effective than treatment. To forage for food, ants sometimes make camps in your home.

Be sure to store food in plastic containers and bags that are tightly sealed. Sugar, cornmeal, honey, and cornmeal tend to attract them. Such food items should not be smeared, splattered, or spilled in your kitchen.

Also, keep your kitchen appliance and garbage cans free of food crumbs. You are less likely to have tiny black ants in kitchen if you keep it clean.

Block Entry Points


The entry points of ants can also be blocked to keep them out of your kitchen. Even when sealing every crack, crevice, and hole in your walls, radiators, and near your floorboards cannot happen perfectly, try your best.

Finding their entry point is a matter of following their trail. You should also look around window frames, screens, and doorways.

You may be able to find a trail of ants leading in and out of the foundation of your standalone house (as opposed to the building in which you reside).

Use of Ant Deterrents 


Do you want to know how to get rid of ants in the house quickly? Don’t worry, block their entry points, you can still find kitchen ants.

Pepper, cinnamon, curry powder, salt, or chalk can be applied in this case to prevent ant infestation. Please be careful when using these items around your child or pet as they can irritate their eyes, noses, mouths, or skin.

Put some cotton wool balls in the corners of cabinets and drawers soaked in citrus or peppermint essential oils. An effective way to keep ants away is to line your windows and doors with talcum powder and petroleum jelly.

Anti-Ant Spray


You can use natural sprays to control ants if you already have an infestation. With a variety of readily available products and essential oils, the sprays can easily be made at home, for example with lemon, peppermint oil, vinegar, and others.

Simply mix equal parts warm water and vinegar or lemon juice into a spray bottle. The solution should be mixed well in the bottle by shaking. Make certain all kitchen surfaces, countertops, corners, and floors are spray-painted.

Apply the solution to the areas where they established colonies after following their trail. After applying the above methods, your kitchen became ant-free. But if want more methods for, how to get rid of black ants in kitchen read below.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants

To keep sugar ants from getting into your kitchen, you can use various products. Several of these products are likely already sitting in your kitchen. Perhaps you’re already using them as a home remedy for different problems.

Diatomaceous Earth 


Different pests can be killed with this, and ants can also be killed with it. Silica formed by fossilizing marine organisms is known as diatomaceous earth. Leave it on the ant colonies for a few days. Ants are killed by soaking up their oils and drying them out.

Boiling Water


The best way to eliminate ants in the kitchen is by using boiling water. Put boiling water into any ant holes near your home and in your kitchen. However, boiling water will kill as many ants as possible, although it will not eliminate the entire colony.



When pepper is either red or black, ants are usually irritated, making it an excellent antiperspirant. To get rid of tiny ants in kitchen counter, sprinkle pepper behind appliances and around baseboards. It is a completely natural and safe remedy.

Soapy Water


You can also use this product in your kitchen to get rid of ants. Create soapy water from the soap, then sprinkle it around your kitchen.

To follow trails, ants use pheromones that are washed away by soapy water. Their scent prevents them from communicating with each other, and they scatter.

Boric Acid 


Using boric acid powder is another effective way to kill ants, and it has been demonstrated to work within three weeks. Boric acid corrodes the stomachs and outer shells of ants and kills them, which is why it is a poison.

Be sure to keep this dangerous substance away from kids and pets, wear gloves when handling it, and catch dead ants in the kitchen drain. The method is very effective, especially for those who want to know how to get rid of black ants in kitchen



Borax. It is also effective for getting rid of ants in your house if your grandmother used the powdered substance in her laundry. Combined with sugar and water, it is left out near places where ants congregate.

It is then ingested by the ants and taken back to the queen. It eliminates the entire colony within a few days. Nevertheless, be careful not to let children or pets play with it. It’s mildly toxic.



The ingredient is also useful for fighting ants. Spray around your kitchen with a solution of 50-50 water and vinegar.

Additionally, vinegar can be used alone to kill and repel ants. The smell of vinegar persists even after it dries on ants, making it an excellent remedy.

Essential Oil


Some essential oils you might want to try to include tea tree, peppermint, neem, lemon, eucalyptus, and cinnamon leaf. In addition to acting as ant repellents, all of these oils can also be mixed with water to get rid of tiny ants in your kitchen.

Ants are irritated by the natural chemicals in these products, so they leave. I think after using any of the above methods, you will not search for how to get rid of black ants in kitchen

How Does a Kitchen Get Ants?


It doesn’t take long for ants to appear in your home. They are around the kitchen, so don’t be alarmed! Food and drinks are the main reason for their invasion of your kitchen.

These pesky creatures will find their way to your kitchen counter tops if they encounter crumbs, sweets, and fruits readily available. In your kitchen, ants will be attracted by sprinkles of sugar, cake crumbs, or even a slight spill of juice. As long as they find food, they’ll settle wherever it is.

Stay Ant-Free in Your Kitchen


Using home remedies can eliminate ants in the kitchen with ease so you don’t have to worry about identifying effective methods.

Despite most ants’ harmless nature, they can wreak havoc in your kitchen and damage your foundation.

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