Highly concentrated herbal Juice bdo that will replenish you


Make a Highly Concentrated Herbal Juice bdo that will replenish you with just a few drops

Highly Concentrated Herbal Juice BDO

Consumable Weight: 0.50 LT

Description of Highly concentrated herbal juice bdo

This recovery juice is lighter than the usual recovery potions.


– Effect MP/WP/SP +250

– Duration: Instant – Cooldown: 6 sec


– How to Obtain:

Use Simple Alchemy in the Processing window (L) to combine “Special” herb x1, Mineral Water x1 OR

Concentrated Herbal Juice x3.


Usage effect: MP Recovery Potion (Large)

In-game market price: NA: 1,960 In Stock: 0 EU: 1,740 In Stock: 7686 NA Console: 1,960 In Stock: 72 EU Console: 1,960 In Stock: 0

For details, see the video of highly concentrated herbal juice bdo


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