How to use 2D Animation Creator in Making a Great Advertisement for Your Small Business?

2D Animation Creator

Advertisement is essential in introducing products and making business grow. Big companies can easily cover the costs in making professional ads but when it comes to small businesses, the capital for a good marketing ads is hard to come by. So, how can small businesses virtually market their product? The most terrific method is to make use of a 2D animation creator to create animated advertisement videos. But what is the best and easy-to-use cartoon maker?

Doratoon is the answer. It is a 2D animation creator that can help you make great advertisements for your small business. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features that can help you create professional-looking animations. You can use Doratoon to create ads for your website, social media, or even for television. Further, this useful tool enables you to create animated videos, logos, and other marketing materials for your business.

Why Do We Need To Use 2D Animation In Ads?

The ads created with 2D animation creators are sure to grab attention and help you promote your business. Moreover, they do not require much capital since there is no need for actors or location. All you need is a good animation creator and the work is done. Doratoon is a good animation creator to create videos with vivid color schemes and market your product in a good manner. So how to make animated ads with Doratoon? Well, it is quite simple to use. All you have to do is sign up and use various templates and other features to get your 2d animation videos. 

6 Ways To Use Doratoon For Perfect 2D Animation Ads

Once you know your viewer base, the next step is to make sure that your animation video contains all the components that hit home. So, let’s see the components needed to make sure that your animated video Ad lands in the perfect place with your users.

  • Make It Quick Yet Memorable

Research has shown that the attention span is decreasing in social media users. Hence, if you make a very long ad, chances are that viewers will not even watch it completely. 

Precisely, the animation video should be pithy yet engaging and also deliver the message clearly along with marketing your product in the right way. 

To help with creating such engaging content, Doratoon also offers several ideas and you can take a hint from them regarding the type of content you want to create. For instance, if you want to market a certain product, you can create different types of videos for it. They can be for advertisement, simply marketing, or even just a marketing proposal. Hence, with Doratoon, tailored content is just a click away. 

  • Use Templates Related To Your Product

Every animation creator offers a variety of templates. When you use Doratoon, you can download the templates that are related to your business and then customize them accordingly. The fact that Doratoon has a vast template library with different categories makes it even better to use. By using Doratoon, finding content-related templates will be no problem. 

For instance, a template for an educational product will not go well with marketing a product related to skin care. Hence, using the right template from your animator creator’s template archives is one of the key steps for effective marketing. 

  • Introduce Smart Characters

Doratoon is a 2D animator creator that offers the option of creating smart characters to make an animation. You can either choose a character with various actions from their vast library or create one from scratch. It can be serious, funky, or however, it fits with the ad campaign of your business. 

Hence, when making the draft for your ad campaign, make character sketches too. This will help you in designing your characters and adding the required effect to them.

  • Use Good Visuals And Audio

The importance of high-quality visuals and clear audio in your animated video ad cannot be stressed enough. Therefore, when choosing an animator creator, make sure it offers good sound quality along with vibrant visuals. Here again, Doratoon is a good option to go for. It not only offers royalty-free music and audio clips but also provides you the option of adding music by downloading it online. These for sure add a spark to your animation video and make them easy to watch too.

  • Don’t Forget To Add CGI And Transition

Everyone likes a video that has an adventure and special effects. Here again, a video animator maker like Doratoon will come to your rescue. When you explore Doratoon, you will notice that it offers the option of Computer Generated Images (CGI) and various smooth transitions. It is recommended that you add these to your animation video where necessary.

However, another prospect to consider is that the transitions should neither be too slow nor too fast. Use medium speed to make it both watchable and good. Lastly, your video ad should not be stuffed with computer-generated effects. Though animated, it should still have a realistic touch. 

  • Add Subtitles If Necessary

Another perk of using Doratoon as your animator maker for advertisement videos of your business is the feature of subtitles. The addition of subtitles means that you can market your product in foreign languages too. Therefore, wherever required, add subtitles to your animated video. This will eventually increase the popularity and sale of your product across the globe. Hence, the business will thrive when closed captions are enabled for viewers where audio is not available.


How To Use Doratoon To Create Ads

As already mentioned, Doratoon is quite easy to use and offers great features. So, let me walk you through a simple guide to using Doratoon.

Step 1: Sign Up

After visiting the Doratoon Website, all you need to do is sign up with a single click. Once you make an account, you can explore the features and start creating.

Step 2: Choose Suitable Templates, Characters, And Music

After signing up, you can choose pre-made video templates which can be customized to your business needs. Once template customization is done, you can move on to adding characters from the smart character option. After laying this foundation, now you can add voice by text to speech option, or add music from the library. Lastly, to enhance your viewership, it is recommended to add subtitles.

Step 3: Download And Export

Once you are done creating your animated video, you can export it with a single click after which it will be available for download. 

To Wrap Up

An animation creator like Doratoon has a ton of features to make your video eye catchy and engaging which will eventually help you to market your products successfully. However, it is up to you how well you make use of it to run an effective marketing campaign. Therefore, before making 2d animation videos for your small business, it is good that you explore your video animation maker and then use the features to your advantage and take your marketing game a notch higher.

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