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This tutorial will follow you through the process of upgrading the Ice Staff in Origins, from gathering the necessary materials to crafting the final piece of the basic Ice Staff. To make things as easy as possible, I’ve included images, maps, and puzzle codes, just like in my previous guides. It makes perfect sense to examine the Ice Staff upgrade process once again, what with the remastered version of Origins being accessible in Zombies Chronicles and many of you playing the backward-compatible Black Ops 2 version on Xbox One.

In Origins, the Ice Staff is easily the most visually impressive weapon, and it’s quite satisfying to use on zombies and see them snap into pieces as they’re frozen solid. However, when confronted with a large number of enemies at once, the basic variant’s inherent vulnerability becomes apparent: your escape path becomes blocked by frozen enemies.

Explain the meaning of the “Ice Staff Upgrade.”

The ice that strengthens the body of the workers is, without a doubt, the most potent weapon inside the realm of origins. When you finally fix your origins, it will be called Ull’s Arrow. This is just like any other part of a really powerful weapon. It can quickly freeze and kill a large number of zombies at once. This weapon also has a charging feature. The zombies are frozen for 10 seconds by the swirling ice snowfall. If you want to see real results from your efforts to enhance it, follow the detailed instructions in the letter. Don’t lose hope! Keep reading down below to learn how to identify the stairwell.

Good news: the reworked Ice Staff is the finest weapon in the game since its charged strike (or super attack, if you want) generates a massive snowstorm that draws in nearby zombies. You won’t find a better high-round companion or better camp place support weapon than this one.

Where to Find the Disc for the Ice Staff

If you go inside the building, you’ll find the blue disc next to Generator 2 all the time. Place it on the front desk, the shelf above the weapon chest, or the one across from the back entrance.

Locations of Components

There are no hard and fast rules on where to find the various pieces of the Ice Staff, but there are certain prerequisites. A player can’t get any loot from the floor heaps until it starts snowing, at which point they may start digging. Until you get all three, you’ll need to open every part of the map and dig up every location.

The Disc Is Black

The Gramophone and the Black Disc are needed to access the buried portion of the site. Anytime you look, you’ll see that it’s in one of these three spots:

  • On a box at the base of the stairs leading to the dig site (Generator 2 side).
  • In a container on the church-accessing side of the excavation site.
  • Wheelbarrow next to PaP at the top of the excavation site.


Typically, you may find the Gramophone on the floor of the principal excavation site (dig site), which is located below a flight of steps. In order to access the hidden level with the Staff sculptures, players must place the Gramophone on the table. The Gramophone may often be found towards the bottom of an excavation site, so it’s a good idea to always start there.

Generally speaking, the Gramophone may be found at the heart of the dig site, down a flight of stairs on the ground floor. To get access to the hidden area housing the Staff figures, players must place the Gramophone on the table. If you want to avoid having to go back to the removal place later, it’s recommended that you open the bottom section right away and grab the Gramophone.

You can use Generator 6 if you have the necessary tools, a record, and a phonograph (back of the church). Take the Gramophone with you, and once you’re down in the tunnel, set it on the table so you can see the blue gateway form. Step into the insanity, get the crystal on the blue pedestal, and then escape via the blue portal you constructed.

To complete the staff, return to the main excavation site, descend to the lowest level, and construct the statue.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Performing This Upgrade

So let’s start with the fundamental Ice Staff and how to get one.

Figure out the enigma of the ice staff.

Armed with the latest Ice Staff upgrade, we’re ready to enter the mad dimension via the blue portal. Quickly scan the sky for the slabs with blue pictures. Look at the blue picture on the divider, too.

The problem may be solved by aiming the Ice Staff at the correct puzzle piece on the roof, which corresponds to the picture on the divider. Get back to the drawing board and try again.

Fire onto the insanity that is Gravestones Pass and exit back into sanity. Kill three gravestones with the Ice Staff before switching to your regular weapon.

Gravestone 1:

View of excavation site from adjoining mud pool (Soul Box mud pool), on the side of the map, labeled “Generator 6.”

Gravestone 2:

The vicinity of the graves includes a mud pool, a soul box, and a jug generator. The headstone is angled away from Jug, which means it is placed beyond the permitted area.

The Third Tombstone

Here we are, in the rear of the Generator 2 building (where there are bundles of mud). When looking for the Robot arm beyond the guide’s end, you’ll find Gravestone not far away.

Arrange the Jewels

Visit the Staff sculptures located on the excavation site’s lowest level and look up at the floating circular rings. There are four germ tones on the sides of each ring. If you rotate each band just so, the blue stones will all line up.

To achieve this, you’ll need to activate the switches that can be found in the bowels of the dig site on wooden scaffolding platforms that are separate from the path. They seem to be electrical toggles.

When the rings are in place, fire the blue circle at the base of the rings with the Ice Staff to propel it upwards and through the rings.

Fourth, Inform the Staff (Collect Souls)

Final step: enter the wacky building through the BLUE door. The Ice Staff should be placed on the pedestal from where you originally retrieved the gem or pearl. To charge the staff, immediately kill two to thirty zombies in the area.

When finished, retrieve the staff, and admire your newly fashioned structure!

To complete the staff, players will need the Gramophone, a colored disc, and a black disc, much like every other staff in Origins. The Ice Staff’s components are BLUE; the disc is BLUE; the Gramophone plays a crucial role in releasing a BLUE portal (Ice Portal).


To what tombstones do you need to go in order to upgrade better ice staff?

There are three distinct gravesites, and they are: Near Generator 4 and to the right of the KN-44. Somewhere between the Dig Site and a massive footprint, not far from the fourth generator. Next to the mech’s hand that was lying on top of the tiny hill that can be reached by turning right from the rear exit of the bunker at Generator 2. This is how you can perform the Ice Staff upgrade.

How do you crack the code of the ice staff?

You need to hit the stone above you with the same sign on it that’s on the stone next to you on the wall in order to complete the puzzle. The next step is to locate the three tombstones that appeared outside the game’s playable area, freeze them, and then fire them to shatter them.

Where can I find any ice Staff pieces?

Anytime you look, you’ll see that it’s in one of these three spots: On a slab at the base of the stairs leading to the dig site (Generator 2 side). The church entrance is on the other side of the excavation site, beside a box. Wheelbarrow beside PaP, at the top of the excavation site.

If you were to start from scratch, what would be the simplest staff to construct?

Fire is the simplest resource to get since it can be done only by playing the game. Ice can be made at any time; it simply takes digging up enough snow to make a mound. Both Lightning and Air/Wind are quite safe; however, the Wind staff has a greater death rate than the robots.

When does the ice staff’s lethality decrease?

Half-charged, the Ice Staff is at its most effective, although I think it stops killing after round 112. Although the wind staff charge shot seemingly does limitless damage, it has extremely limited range and is erratic in its desire to kill zombies.

What about the ice staff? Do they tease?

A simple clarification: a tank’s ice staff is not a generic weapon. It protects the caster from harm, aids in deflecting assaults, and allows tri-focused taunting. To top it all off, a mage tank’s “inner fire” is an unflinching talent that may be used with Magicka.

Can I Enjoy 2 Staff At A Time?

You are limited to a single staff in your hands at any one moment.

How effective is the fire staff’s personnel?

After playing the new MMORPG for a while, we’ve determined that magic weapons like the fire staff are among the most effective New World weaponry. It’s a great choice for damage dealers who need to do a lot of damage.

Are there any limits to taunting in eso?

Overtaunting is when an opponent gets their third taunt in less than 15 seconds in Elder Scrolls Online. Multiple tanks may experience this at once. No one will be too confident in their abilities. Simply repeatedly using a taunt on the boss will not cause you to lose aggro.


Everything in this Ice Staff upgrade article is in regard to the different activities you need to do to help the ice body of employees develop. The leftover power of the employees’ ice bodies allows them to freeze and blast off zombies into bits. Following the aforementioned detailed guide is all that is required to properly enhance ice workers’ bodies.

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