Is There A Way To Determine How Long A Vape High Lasts? 


A vape is an electronic device that uses heat to produce vapor from cartridges or vape tanks containing liquids and is inhaled by the user. A vape can be a THC vape pen or CBD vape pen depending on what is used to vape. Vaping is slowly becoming a people’s favorite as reports have shown a rise in vaping, especially among teens. This is not surprising as it has been reported to be considerably less harmful than smoking.   

This also provides an alternative to the near-uncontrollable long-lasting highs that come with edibles. The rise in vaping has brought a need to answer some critical questions. One of these many questions includes how long a vape high lasts. Let’s quickly talk about that. 

How Long Do Vape Highs Last For? 

While there are no hard and fast rules about how long vape highs last, they are estimated to last for about 2-4 hours. The effect of vaped substances like cannabis kicks in a few minutes and peaks after 20-30 minutes. Compared to Edibles that kick in after 90minutes, peak after 3 hours, and last for about 24 hours, vaping is a considerably better option.   

As stated, the duration of a vape high is not set in stone and can be influenced by several factors. 

Factors That Determine How High A Vape High Last

Many individual and environmental factors contribute to how long a vape high lasts. Some of these factors include: 

Vape Temperature  

Your vape temperature helps to control your high. People who use vape pens that allow them to adjust their vaping temperature can switch between multiple device presets to discover the temperatures that best fit their particular extracts and individual tastes. Different temperatures offer specific advantages and disadvantages. 

Vaping at low temperatures (about 350 to 375°F) results in more tasty vapor and less potent highs. This is because your vaporizer gently melts your THC or CBD, releasing just small amounts of cannabinoids. Moving on, vaping at Medium Temperatures (about 375 to 400°F) results in more potent highs but at least some flavor loss. Vaping at medium temperatures is the most recommended, especially for regular vapers. Finally, vaping at high temperatures (about 400 to 425°F) maximizes the strength and length of highs at the sacrifice of flavor as it melts trichomes faster, releasing more cannabinoids.   


The doses you consume or vape significantly impact the effects and duration of a vape high. Each dose’s efficacy, temperature, and quantity are directly related. Also, the inhalation period of a dose is essential. Therefore, a deeper inhale causes a longer-lasting high. 


Tolerance is when a specific drug dosage doesn’t make you as high as it usually would. Your tolerance is greatly influenced by your frequency of use of the drug. A higher tolerance can lessen a vape’s potency and duration. This is also valid for cannabis users who are new to vaping but have a history of regular drug use through other methods. 

Consumption Of Other Drugs Or Alcohol  

Your experience with and response to a drug like cannabis might be impacted by the presence of other drugs in your body. When combined, the effects of alcohol and narcotics can be potent and unsettling. While other drugs or substances in your system can lengthen or intensify your high, adverse reactions are possible. In general, avoiding combining cannabis use with other recreational drugs like alcohol is advisable. 

Type of Drug Strain  

Strains refer to subspecies of a drug, and different drug strains have varying strengths and physiological effects. For instance, indica and sativa are the two most common strains of cannabis. Sativa is considered to elevate impact on the mind, while indica is said to have sedative effects on the body. Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoid levels, and percentages vary according to the strain. Naturally, the benefits are more robust and last longer when the concentrate is more potent. 

Individual factors  

You are also a significant factor in how long your vape high would last. For example, the length and potency of your THC vape pen are closely related to age, gender, body type, and even genetic makeup.  

For example, teenagers are more likely than adults to be negatively affected by cannabis usage, and men appear to be more likely than women to experience adverse effects from THC vaping. Overall, the effects of vaping vary from person to person, as we are all unique and different. 

How To End A Vape High Faster  

Get Some Sleep 

If your high is making you paranoid, sleeping can help you unwind. Additionally, it provides your body time to break down and expel the cannabis.  

Use Black Pepper  

According to research, peppercorn caryophyllene enhances THC’s calming effects, which may help you relax. Sniffing a bottle of black pepper or even chewing on a few whole peppercorns can help you end a vape high faster. 

Try Some Pine Nuts 

Pinene, found in pine nuts, has a soothing effect and enhances clarity. However, avoid this if you are allergic to tree nuts. 

Have A Piece Of Lemon Peel 

Lemons contain ingredients that have a soothing effect, particularly in their peel. You can also consider steeping a couple in hot water for a few minutes before removing them and sipping. 


Vaping is on the rise and very much in fashion, hence the need to keep people properly informed. While vape highs last about 2-4 hours, this is not hard and vast. It can vary depending on factors like age and sex, temperature, dosage, and strain type. These are factors you should consider before you start vaping. 

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