Lahore’s Historic Building Barkat Ali Islamia Hall


Historic Building in Lahore Barkat Ali Islamia Hall

Credits: Saad Zahid
Most people interested in Lahore’s historic buildings will be familiar with Bradley Hall, which was the center of Congress political activity before the formation of Pakistan. Unfortunately, very few people is familiar with “Barkat Ali Islamia Hall” the Muslim League political gatherings center.

Lahore Heritage Barkat Ali Islamia Hall

This historic building is located on Circular Road near Mochi Gate. The hall played a very important role in the Muslim movements. This hall served as a meeting point for the workers. This hall became a gathering place for the Muslim League after the Lahore resolution passed. It was built by “Khan Bahadur Barkat Ali Khan” who belonged to the elite of Lahore. He died in 1905.
Like many other historical sites in Lahore, the hall has been encroached upon for many years due to negligence and lack of education and has been locked permanently.

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