Olympic Medal Count by Country 2022


How many olympic medal count will Beijing win? Athletes from countries around the world compete at the Olympic Games (typically shortened to “Olympics”) to represent their respective countries. It is no longer a secret that the Olympics are one of the most prestigious sporting events held every four years. Some American cities, like Los Angeles, have hosted multiple Olympic events. For instance, the Summer Olympics were held here in 1932, 1984, and 2028.

There are two halves of the Olympic Games, each with a different theme. A variety of sports are featured in the Summer Olympics, including track and field, swimming, gymnastics, and basketball. Aside from bobsledding, ice skating, and skiing, winter sports such as the Winter Olympics are known for their cold-weather activities.

Summer & Winter Olympics

Each of these events takes place every four years, but their schedules are currently two years apart. So, based on this scenario, the Winter Olympics would be held in 2021, 2022, and 2026; meanwhile, the Summer Olympics would occur in 2024, 2028, and 2032. As a result of a global pandemic of COVID-19, the Tokyo Olympics will take place in July/August 2021.

Athletes with disabilities compete in an Olympics-style event at the Paralympic Games. These games were presented by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in partnership with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). While the Paralympics are technically separate from the Olympic Games, the partnership allows the Paralympic Games to use Olympic venues and facilities despite being technically separate events. Every country wants to gain more olympic medal count.

Youth Olympics

Summer and Winter Youth Olympics are also held by the IOC. Which caters to athletes between the ages of 15 and 18 years old. There are two lanes and four years in the Youth Olympic schedule, similar to that of the main games, although different host cities and venues are used. Many regional events are interconnected with the Olympics, including the Pan American Games and the Asian Games.

Some countries have formed and/or broken up since the modern Olympics began in 1896, which makes counting difficult of olympic medal count. Among the many smaller countries that broke away from the Soviet Union were Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Moldova. A decision was made by the IOC as to which country, if any, would be credited with the Soviet Union’s medals.

In addition, many athletes have taken part in the games on an individual basis due to political differences or sanctions against their host country. An athlete whose medal was revoked by the IOC for breaking a rule may be given it to another athlete. Accordingly, here are the top 10 medal winners in the summer, then Winter Olympics in 2021.

Olympic Medal Count by Countries:

In terms of olympic medal count, the United States has earned 2656, the Soviet Union has 1010, Great Britain has 916, France has 750, Germany has 652, China has 634, Italy has 618, Australia has 547, Hungary has 511, and Sweden has 503.

It is no secret that Norway is one of the most successful winter Olympic nations. It has won more medals than any other nation in history, followed by the United States (307), Germany (240), Austria (232), Canada (199), the Soviet Union (194), Finland (167), Sweden (158), Switzerland (153), and the Netherlands (130).


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