Patient Click – Integrated Video-Based Telemedicine, EMR, and Practice Management System

Integrated video-based Telemedicine, EMR, and Practice Management system that allows Patients to schedule a virtual visit with their doctor or specialist. Patient Click can also access their health record online and submit an appointment request online. The integrated system has been designed to make the patient experience more efficient and convenient. To learn more about the patient experience, read on.

Web-based integrated video-based Telemedicine, EMR and Practice Management system

Patient Click is a Web-based, integrated video-based Telemedicine, EMR, and practice management system designed for medical practices. The platform features an intuitive user interface with customizable dashboards and tools to help clinicians track and communicate with patients. Physicians also have the option of using the platform’s mobile applications for patient engagement and note updating.

The PatientClick patient portal allows patients to view and schedule appointments, complete medical histories, read patient education materials, and securely exchange messages. The system also streamlines workflow and improves patient self-care. Its mobile apps for iOS and Android are designed to make telemedicine as easy as possible.

Patients can access their health record online

Accessing your health records online is easy and secure. To access your medical records, you must first register as a new user, which requires an email address. After that, simply click on the ‘Returning User’ link and enter your MRN from your most recent office visit. This will take you to the health records portal, where you can review your health information.

Once you have set up an account, you can manage your health information online, send messages to your provider, and more. In addition, you can search for health providers in your area using the Find a Provider search box. You can also view your activity log by clicking on ‘View Activity Log’. This will show you the number of log-ins, payments, and messages sent.

Patients can schedule a virtual visit with their doctor or specialist

Virtual visits are a great way to see your doctor without leaving home. These virtual visits can be scheduled by phone, over video, or through your MyChart patient portal. You can have a quick chat with your physician about a health concern or request a referral.

To conduct a virtual visit, you need a computer with a strong Internet connection. You should also have your mute button turned off and the volume turned up. You should also dress comfortably, as you will be seeing your provider from a distance.

Patients can submit an appointment request online

The MWE Bridge Patient Portal includes an Appointment Request module. This is one of the core features of the platform and enables patients to request and schedule appointments with doctors and other health care providers online. It also allows patients to choose which doctor to see and provide additional comments about the visit.

Patients can also cancel their appointments online. However, this option is only available for urgent care appointments. You can only cancel an appointment if it’s less than 24 hours away. Therefore, if you’re in a hurry, call the clinic directly. A MyUofMHealth account also gives you access to your electronic health record, which can be used for secure communication with your medical care team.

Charting is easy

When charting electronically, it is crucial to stay unbiased. It is important to use precise language and avoid personal opinions. The information you record today may be used to make important decisions about your patient’s care in the future. It is also important to use legible handwriting. By following the guidelines listed above, charting should be easy.

Using an EHR that is easy to use can save your practice time and money. Using a system that is designed to streamline charting with the smallest number of clicks will cut your time by up to 10 minutes per encounter. It will also free up valuable time for other activities.

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Exporting a patient’s health summary is easy

Exporting a patient’s health summary to another source is as easy as sending an email. Once you have selected the date range and the type of clinical document, you can export the health summary to another location. You can fax, e-mail, or download it as needed.

First, you need to access the patient’s E-Chart. Once there, click on the Patient Summary chart tab. From here, you can select the portlets you want to include in the health summary.



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