Pete Nelson and His Treehouse Resorts

Pete Nelson and his team of master craftsmen have created a world-renowned line of treehouses. Combining science and art, these unique structures inspire your inner child to live among the trees. The series includes everything from an 800-square-foot Texas treehouse with a full bath to a brewer’s treehouse and a honeymoon suite. The company also designs custom treehouses for espionage clients.

Treehouses of the World

If you love nature and treehouses, you may want to watch the Animal Planet Show Treehouse Masters. The show follows Nelson and his crew as they build treehouses all over the world. Each episode has an average of 1.3 million viewers. In addition to being a great show, Treehouse Masters also benefits many causes. For example, Nelson’s treehouses are designed for children with neuro-developmental disorders and military families struggling with PTSD.

Founder Pete Nelson is a well-known treehouse builder and arboreal architect. He also writes books about treehouse building and sells treehouse supplies. He has been building treehouses for 20 years. You can also check out the New Treehouses of the World.

O2 Treehouse

In this episode of Tree Masters, the O2 Treehouse takes on a new challenge. This time, the O2 Treehouse will take on a Tamarack model treehouse. This style features an open deck and is made from cedar and steel patina panels. This design has been featured in dozens of design publications.

The Tree Masters O2 Treehouse will be constructed in a New York city park. This design is perfect for those who want to escape the tedium of the daily grind. The program will air on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Animal Planet. The series is also available on popular streaming devices and web browsers. The only drawback to streaming this content on mobile devices is that you can only watch it on your home screen. You can, however, install the TV Everywhere app on your mobile device to watch Tree Masters O2 Treehouse wherever you go.

Tamarack model treehouse

The Tamarack model treehouse is a 14-foot-diameter canvas-enveloped structure. It was created by O2 Treehouse and Red Sky Shelters, two companies known for producing high-quality, portable structures. This light-filled treehouse is affordable and easy to install.

A treehouse is an ideal retreat, evokes a sense of wonder, and provides a literal escape from the daily grind. However, before you build your treehouse, it’s important to understand some of the risks involved. The first thing to consider is whether your tree is strong enough to support your structure. If it is not, you may need additional posts.

Pete Nelson’s family business

The family business of Pete Nelson consists of three treehouse resort properties in the United States. Nelson’s wife Emily works as a chief of staff and oversees the operations of Treehouse Point. In January 2019, Emily gave birth to their first child. The Nelsons also have two sons: Charlie and Henry. Charlie is the crew carpenter and Henry is the chief ecologist.

Aside from building treehouses, Pete Nelson is also an author and the host of the Animal Planet television show Treehouse Masters. Nelson got interested in treehouses when he was just a kid and built his first adult treehouse in 1987. He was inspired by the work of the famous architecture firm Greene & Greene.

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