Picuki: Learn how to edit images?


Instagram is an emerging platform that allows you to share photos, videos and short reels with your friends. Picuki, one such app, allows you to visit any Instagram profile, including its stories, reels and hashtags. You can also view locations and other information, regardless of whether or not your Instagram account is active. Picuki is not available for you? You can use other websites like invewer.com.

Picuki is an online app that allows you to download images from any Instagram account. This app can be use without an Instagram ID. Simply copy the Instagram ID link to access the data, and you will quickly be able to download the images from your download folder.

Picuki has many amazing features. You can change the color, crop, saturation, contrast, crop, rotate, crop, and much more. It is best known for its ability to edit Instagram photos using Pocuki. Although it isn’t widely trust, the site doesn’t fall under the ban list. Without signing up , you can view any page on Instagram.

Picuki’s failure to make it is the perfect second chance. Such news is too little!

It’s too easy to use. You can search through the account hashtags or the photos themselves to find the images.

Begin by searching your account.

1) Click on Picuki.

2) The homepage will be found.

2) Enter the username of the second person on Instagram.

4) All accounts that are relate to your search will be display. Select the one you want!

5) You will receive the account’s images data.

6) There will be live examples available on the site.

7) To download a specific image, click on it and hit enter.

8) To download the image, visit it and press the download button.

9) Thumbnail shrinking can be done without difficulty.

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1) Go to the search box

2) Type the hashtag that you want to search, and then press “enter”. Click on the search icon.

3) Click on the tag option, and tap it. The hashtag you’re looking for will appear!

4) Tap on the hashtag you wish to search.

5) Hashtags search results are display after that.

1) The ability to modify download images is something that is not available in most other online apps.

2) You have the option to crop, saturation, filters and contrast. After applying the desire effect, the image can be download easily.

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1) Enter the Id link for the handle you wish to look over Picuki

2) Click on the Stories option in your profile.

3) Click the story option in the lower right.

4) Access Instagram stories without having to log in

Picuki Instagram viewer, editor

Instagram allows you to browse and edit endless stories, images and videos. You can also find the followers and the list below for the profile you’re looking for. You can search with hashtag words to see comments and posts! If you wish, you can also share the post.

1) You don’t need to log into to download other posts.

2) You can view private Instagram accounts.

You can also check the history of the profile that you are interest in.

4) Your activities are not visible to third parties.

5) It’s safe.

It’s free, and therefore provides maximum satisfaction for the users.

Picuki allows you to see your entire Instagram profile.

It can be use without any membership to any social media sites. All Instagram content can be view, including all followers, profiles and photos, as well as hashtags and stories. You don’t need to register for it. The editing option is only available for photos. Moment stories are not support.

Wrapping up

This online app was create to be fun and not to spy on anyone. Picuki allows you to explore and download great content!

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