Pros and Cons of Western Digital SSD 2023

When you need to choose a new SSD, you will likely be surprised by the wide choice of solutions available, all featuring different functionality, price, and performance characteristics. Whether you need to install a new solid-state drive or upgrade from the traditional to a new model with better performance, you should have no issues choosing the product that matches your search criteria. However, if you want an SSD that provides the best value for its price, the Western Digital SSD should be a great match. 

Western Digital has been on the market for many tears already. The company offers a wide range of SSDs with different capacities and physical characteristics, which should match different customers’ needs. The Flash and HDD franchises and advancements in memory technologies allowed the company to bring innovations to the technological world, letting many modern customers elevate the computing experience. 

Western Digital SSD is on our list of recommendations for everyone with a modern laptop or desktop computer. Although it’s not one of the fastest solutions available today, it still provides an outstanding combination of performance, endurance, and capacity worth its price tag. Western Digital SSD is more cost-effective than other SSDs, like Samsung devices, though they could have been improved in terms of speed and capacity. 

Western Digital has determined that all computers and mobile devices released in 2023 will be equipped with WD SSD. The reason for all this is the advantage of SSDs over HDDs. They are noticeably smaller with the same amount of memory and also superior in data transfer speed. SSDs are several times more expensive than HDDs and are also inferior in writing resources.

Western Digital experts believe that by 2023 the share of computers and smartphones with solid-state drives will reach 90%. They also believe the SSD market will grow from 12.3 billion in 2018 to 16.8 in 2023.


  • Cost-effective
  • Smaller than HDDs
  • Fast data transfer speeds


  • Slower than other devices
  • Capacity should be improved
  • Doesn’t outrun competitors 

Data Recovery from Western Digital Devices

Suppose your Western Digital SSD stops running smoothly. If you drop it or a system encounters an error, you can use Western Digital SSD data recovery service to recover data from the encrypted device. It takes the expert team up to 48 hours to examine the problem and determine what caused data loss (if it occurred). If the worst scenario has happened and your valuable files should be recovered, the expert team might need 3-5 extra days to restore everything you have lost.

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