Study MBA at USA – Top Universities, Fee and More

Study MBA at USA

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a business degree designed to accelerate your professional career. Widely known as the most lucrative degree worldwide, many international students target MBA programs in abroad universities every year. If you are in your mid-career or looking for a change of pace in your profession, an MBA might be the best choice. However, there is much more to know before you start an MBA program. Unlike other master’s degree programs, an MBA can be modified and used more diversely.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the USA

To be exact on point, the USA is the overall best country to do an MBA. The reasons for this  are countless. One of the most obvious ones, the USA is the business and management hub of the world. All the major MNCs have their headquarters set up in the USA, and they manage all their business there. Not to mention that the US has the most top-ranked business schools globally. Names like Harvard and Stanford basically represent a business education as a brand. It is true that the USA is a costly country both tuition and living wise, but it gets justified with the excellent return it provides.

If you are planning an MBA and confused about the location, consider the USA as your first option. Now a few things about the degree itself.

An MBA degree focuses solely on business administration. However it does not mean that it is limited to that extent. There are multiple specializations that you can target with an MBA. In general, MBA programs are the most expensive ones and also the ones that offer the biggest career opportunities. Among all degrees available in universities abroad, MBA degrees are the most competitive ones. To get an example of this; top business schools globally often have an acceptance rate around 5-6%. If this is not competitive enough, what is?

An MBA covers many core topics in business and management such as;

  • accounting
  • applied statistics
  • human resources
  • business communication
  • business ethics
  • business law
  • strategic management
  • business strategy
  • finance
  • managerial economics
  • management
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • supply-chain management
  • operations management

MBA in USA Fee & Eligibility

It is undoubtedly a true statement that the USA is the most expensive country for education abroad. Not just the tuition fee but the living expenses in the country is also significant. However, the fact remains that the return on investment (ROI) here is also the most significant. To get the best out of something, you have to put in your best. Therefore, to get the biggest paychecks as an MBA graduate, you have to invest in the fees. In general, an MBA from the USA can cost around 40-50 lakhs yearly (based on your school selection). Keep in mind that there are even more expensive options available in the USA for MBA, but you can also manage your finances by choosing a few cheaper ones.

You can also get good A-tier MBA degrees from the USA for around 30-40 lakhs yearly.

Now getting clear on this, here comes eligibility. If you are not eligible to apply, there is no need to proceed any further. In your admission process, a school may ask you for many Things. Some of these may be flexible, but a few requirements are absolute. Here are the basic eligibility criteria you need to meet for an MBA in the USA;

  • an undergraduate degree (from a recognized university)
  • academic transcripts
  • GMAT/GRE scores
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores,
  • application fee.

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Best Business Schools in the USA to Target

To get the best, again, you must do it from the best. The school you select for an MBA matter a great deal. Since an MBA is about career advancement, things like network, reputation, affiliation and degree value hold significant value. The USA  has the top-ranked business schools globally. Here you get to choose from a variety of options and diverse degrees.

Here are the ten best business schools in the USA you can target for an MBA:

No. University Location
1 Stanford Graduate School of Business Stanford
2 Harvard Business School Boston
3 Penn (Wharton) Philadelphia
4 MIT (Sloan) Cambridge
5 Columbia Business School New York
6 UC Berkeley (Hass) Berkeley
7 UCLA (Anderson) Los Angeles
8 Northwestern (Kellogg) Evanston
9 Yale School of Management New Haven
10 NYU (Stern) New York


USA has been the forefront name for business education especially when it comes to MBA degrees. Plus, an MBA has been the forefront name when it comes to degree value. Combining these two, you can unlock almost all the opportunities in the global business sector. See mim essay review to get a better grip on this. Start planning your MBA in the USA now.

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