What’s the Perfect Length Of A Short Story – A Comprehensive Guide 2022


A novella is the shortest form of prose, but it’s pretty tricky to answer how long a short story is. It might be fair to say that a short story is the one which is good enough to read in one go (if the story is interesting). A common perception is that people don’t read books in one sitting without any break.

However, that is not true for short stories. There are some tales that our parents used to tell us before sleeping. So before we dive into the importance of word count in a short story, you must know the types of short stories.

Types of Short Stories

There are mainly 3 categories of short stories:

●    Micro Fiction (max. 350 words)

Microfiction is any work of Fiction that is less than 100 words long. Microfiction is frequently more challenging to write than a traditional short tale. Imagine attempting to craft a coherent story in a few words. It appears that many humorous micro-fiction articles are still occurring in a few publications; perhaps this indicates that publishers adore miniature masterpieces.

●    Flash Fiction (max. 1000 words)

Flash fiction is a short tale containing fewer than 1000 words but more than 100. A bibliophile can practically finish this kind of Fiction in a flash. One-page stories are the norm for magazines and newspapers when publishing flash fiction.

●    Traditional Fiction (max. 5000 words)

Traditional Fiction is the one in which you keep the writer curious about what will happen next because of the plot or character only if the story is fascinating enough for the readers. You can also write another part or series if you want to create another part of your story after a few months or years. It is not necessary though, in case people demand the second part of it.

Importance of Word Count Limitation For Short Stories

It would be best to consider word count before writing a short story. If you keep writing a short story, your readers might not re-read your story and judge you for your work. You must know there is a difference between a short story length and a novel. So always take care of the word count when writing short stories.

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Know the Word Count for the Short Story

Brian A.Klems, Former columnist & Online Editor, recommends that you don’t need to limit yourself with word count in the beginning. Write the story with a flow without any interruption. After completing the first draft, cut short the unnecessary words.

Here is an excellent example of author Frank Arthur, a British novelist, his famous book “Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb” has a word count of almost 4000.

You can also opt for the eBook version, as it also has short stories. Want to learn more about eBook writing? Check these 9 simple steps for writing an eBook.

Determine the Number of Page for the Short Story

No specific parameter tells how long a short story is in pages. The pages in a short story depending on the word count. You can write a short story of up to 10,000 words maximum. It’s the full length but not recommended. The recommended word count is around 7,500 words for a short story.

A short story of 5,000 words comes on 10-12 pages. You can now clearly picture the word count in a short story. Now you know how many pages would be a good fit for your story’s characters.

Things to Consider When Writing a Short Story

Here are a few things to know when you write a short story:

  • Always choose an idea that you feel passionate about. You can write an engaging and charismatic story only if you are entirely into the story.
  • Write an exceptionally well-structured story. The beginning should be catchy enough to capture the reader’s eye.
  • You can start your story by writing about the characters’ history and continue it. Mind that start should make sense and be interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention
  • Brainstorm ideas before making a plot for your story. It would help in the first draft.
  • Before writing a short story, try reading as many short stories as possible because it would give you a clear idea of what you are writing about and a clear understanding of books and short stories and its format.
  • Your title is precise and complete and looks relevant to the short story.
  • You can also draft a short story with your ways and uniqueness. A writer can always insert their creativity into writing.
  • Always read your short story after completing it as an anonymous reader who doesn’t know about the short story and cut down the unnecessary information.

Things to Avoid in a Short Story

Always avoid these 2 things when writing a short story:

  • Never copy a famous author. People like their work and might catch the writing style of their favorite author. Try to create your own unique style.
  • You don’t need to describe everything in detail about the character and scenes as it is a short story.

Wrapping Up

Writing a short story is slightly different compared to writing a novel. You can write about everything in detail and curate each character according to the situation in a novel. In contrast, when you write a short story, you need to be precise and provide clarity in your brief descriptions. We have provided pointers to help you create a quick tale everyone would love to read. If you need any help regarding book writing experts, get in touch with them.

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