The Top Five Challenges Web3 Gaming Development Will Face in 2022


Despite the present weak market, consumers of blockchain-based games with NFT components are unquestionably rising. In fact, according to Dappradar, VCs invested more than $2.5 billion in blockchain gaming during the first quarter of 2022. Given the influx of users and investors into the sector, now is the perfect time to find a Web3 Development Company in the United States.


Promoting the Blockchain Industry

According to recent statistics, the gaming market is growing by 10% annually and is larger than the combined markets for music, television, and film. Each year, $100 billion is spent on renting items in the gaming industry; thanks to web3, this industry will soon have a trillion-dollar economy.

The industry does, however, face several difficulties, such as the following:


1) Issues With Liquidity

The growth of NFT gaming platforms in the USA and other nations highlighted the position of the orders—requests for trades—at the heart of the NFT market.

The “taker order” is the order that follows the first one. On any exchange, including the NFT market, the maker orders are kept in an order book until a taker order is received.

How soon a maker order is filled can indicate how liquid a market is.

The bulk of NFT marketplaces are now developing their own distinct order books with segregated liquidity. This presents a significant challenge for many NFT games, although blockchains like Immutable X are putting forward alternatives, such as providing a global protocol-level order book.


2) Big Data Blockchains

According to recent data, blockchain gaming participation is still high despite the crypto cold. The majority of the overall number of transactions, however, come from games that use protocols like WAX, Hive, BNB Smart Chain, Solana, and Ronin.

Of the other five, WAX and Binance Smart Chain are the two that users are most interested in using because they are both quick and offer affordable gas prices. Make careful to select the ideal blockchain for your game if you want to create NFT games in the US.

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3) A top-notch user interface

B2B and B2C transactions are both a part of blockchain gaming. However, a B2C-friendly user interface is the only thing that most video games focus on. To enhance the B2C user experience, the gaming interface must offer rapid in-game exchanges and a wallet. The game must also include APIs that web2 businesses can utilise for B2B.


4) Safety

DeFi was subject to hacks in the first half of 2022 that cost $1.4 billion. Blockchain gamers are consequently much more knowledgeable about the security features of the games. Therefore, implementing blockchain on systems with built-in security mechanisms like zk-rollups will prevent bridges from breaking the game’s security.

We only employ secure blockchains because we are one of the best NFT game production firms in the US.


5) Design for Scalable Economies

the development of a very well-liked play-to-earn economy using gaming and blockchain technology.

In order to gain special features and produce NFTs that may be sold on the NFT marketplaces, gamers play games. This enables gamers to profit financially from the time they spend playing games.

Play-to-earn games give players the chance to start generating income from their pastime in many different countries.

But when popular games like Axie Infinity grew, so did the initial game investment. Gamers who can’t afford the up-front purchase can get assistance from well-known guilds like YGG and GuildFi.

Because gamers can borrow virtual personas to play or improve games, the initiative has become more popular. For the gaming industry based on cryptocurrencies, more similar initiatives are needed.



The blockchain gaming industry has seen a considerable rise in consumers and investors over the past several months. Now is the ideal time to enter the market, if that’s what you’ve been searching for. The industry is expanding at a rate that is unprecedented.

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