Top 5 Facts That You Should Know About The Whirlpool Washing Machine 6kg

whirlpool washing machine

Washing machines are wonderful home appliances that help in optimizing and lowering the hassles of hand washing and laundry routine. There are numerous variants available in the Indian market for you to choose from. The whirlpool washing machine 6kg is a highly popular product in the current times and you can definitely opt for it. Now, with the advent of digitalization, you can easily buy a washing machine online from the comfort of your home. 

Here are the top 5 facts that you must know about the Whirlpool washing machine variant 6kg before purchasing it. Read to know more!

  • It allows hard water wash

It is a known scientific fact that hard water makes the washing of things quite difficult. Since it fails to produce lather, it cannot properly clean the clothes. It is not compatible with various processes and is less efficient in cleaning any kind of fabric. But, with the whirlpool washing machine, this will not be the case. 

It senses the type of water being used for the washing of clothes, and then functions accordingly. You can rest assured that all types of fabrics get cleaned up properly, without giving any trouble because the water is hard. Whether you buy the whirlpool washing machine 6kg online, or you buy it offline, you will get this feature in it.

  • The delay wash feature works wonders

This feature proves to be of great help if you have to go out for some urgent business at a short notice, and have a pile of clothes to be washed. The delay wash feature in the whirlpool washing machine 6kg helps you to program the washing of your clothes according to your need. 

It can help you by making you set a timer between 1 to 24 hours, between which you can decide the timing of the commencement of your wash cycle. This can greatly help you if some urgent business pops up in the middle of your washing schedule. The screen will display the time the wash is going to take.

  • Zero Pressure Fill technology fills the machine fast

The abbreviation ZFP stands for Zero Pressure Fill technology that helps in filling up the washing machine 50% faster than before. The wash tub gets filled up faster, moving into the wash cycle faster. The ZPF technology came into existence because the companies wanted the products to not give their customers any kind of trouble related to the water pressure. 

Therefore, this technology was launched, and it greatly eased the process of filling up the washing tubs. The ZPF technology in the whirlpool washing machine 6kg helps to a great extent in washing better. You can buy washing machines online to save money if the shopping websites give offers and discounts to you.

  • The 12-wash feature suits all types of fabrics

The 12-wash feature in the whirlpool washing machine 6kg helps it to easily wash all kinds of fabrics. The 12 types of wash feature available include – Daily, Heavy, Delicates, Whites, Hard Water Wash, Eco Wash, Woollens, Bed Sheet, Rinse +Spin, Spin, Wash Only, and Aqua Store. 

You can use them to wash different types of fabrics for different durations. You can also use your own discretion in selecting the mode and the type of washing that you want for a particular fabric or a particular set of clothes. This feature was made to make washing clothes easier. You can buy washing machines online to avail of these features.

  • A maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM

After washing, your clothes need to be dried. You cannot wait for long hours for that process to be completed. This is where the high-spinning speed walks on the stage. It has a maximum speed of 1400 RPM, helping you to get your clothes dried up faster. It is a well-known fact that the higher the spin speed, the quicker the drying process. Although the entire wash cycle doesn’t take very long to get completed, the spinning speed helps with the complete process of drying too. If you want to save money, you can buy washing machine online on EMI from Bajaj Mall at zero down payment.

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