Top 5 Features to add to your Online Property Portal: What’s in for 2022?

Online Property Portal

Ideally, digitalization is another name for feasibility, and that is where online mediums step in. Making an investment in an online property portal can be highly profitable for real estate agents. In Contrast, it also creates flexibility for the investors. When there’s plausibility in making your house-hunt online, who would want to get out of their comfort zone? 

Regardless of your state, it’s imperative to make your property portal impressive for the viewers. And so, the content you create as a real estate agency showcases that you prioritize your potential customers. Below, we’ve rounded up a few qualities of a workable online profile that ensures a favorable response from the investors.

  • Suitable Images/ Virtual Tours:

First, if you own a property portal, hire a professional photographer as it’ll benefit you in the long haul. 

There’s no denying that images speak much louder than words, especially when it comes to property portals. It’s a great way to attract viewers to your profile. Good pictures and impressive virtual tours help gain confidence and increase the chances of getting the listed property a thumbs-up. 

As the name suggests, visitors can encounter the entire property, including the living rooms, restrooms, and backyard, to name a few. If the visitors cannot visit a property for a tour, at least, there’ll be a way out. After all, what’s better than getting a time of the chosen property within the comfort of your four walls?

  • Relevant Directions to the Location:

Next, it’s vital to add proper location details regarding your properties. It includes the exact directions, a valid address, and landmarks nearby. You can have a Google Map in your property listing for a more impactful result.

Most real estate agencies have added this tool to their websites. This way, it’s not hard for the investors to find the directions to the property. Your entire listing turns into convenience with such navigation features. 

  • Complete Information about the Real Estate Agent:

Ensuring that the interested visitors can connect with the owner of the portal is of pivotal importance. They might still have a few concerns even if you’ve convinced them about the purchase. 

That’s precisely why most online portals have a highlighted section for “Owner’s details,” so, whether you run a private portal or real estate agency, there’s no need to play hide and seek with the viewers. The basic info includes a contact number, email address, and designation. Remember that it mustn’t be hard for the viewers to contact you. 

  • Accurate Details about the neighborhood:

When moving in with a family, people are often curious about the surroundings. Since the quality of one’s life relies on the environment, the availability of basic lifestyle amenities is imperative. That’s why you must always try to add as much information as possible regarding the quality of life here. You can even mention the previous resident’s testimonials to make it a wholesome online experience for the viewers. 

Not only does it lead the visitors to better decision-making. Yet, they’re more likely to integrate with you for a long time. Even the slightest feature that doesn’t appear significant at the moment can make a big difference. So keep your ears and eyes open at all times. 

  • Highlighting Unique Features:

Lastly, yet most importantly, if your real estate properties happen to own some exceptional features, add them right away. Someone interested in investing will be glad to know every grim detail about the property before purchasing. 

Online visitors love to acknowledge if there’s a seashore nearby, a good parking facility, or travel destinations. In addition, the availability of notable schools and colleges is of higher appeal to worrisome parents. Therefore, adding such productive features to the property listing make it more meaningful. 

Last Few Words:

Whether running a property portal in Dubai or elsewhere, possessing brainpower for advertisement is significant. Furthermore, recollect that it’s not necessary to focus on the highlights and nature of the property, yet it’s more about the presentation. A brilliant mix of the multitude of highlights mentioned above decides whether the purchaser will proceed or not.

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