Uses of CASS cum salt spray chamber and humidity chamber

CASS cum salt spray chamber

The CASS cum Salt Spray Chamber is a useful consistent tool for testing the corrosion resistance of surface coatings in contact with enough salt. This tool provides simulation of weather conditions in real-time. One must use an updated lab instrument to receive all its benefits.

The chamber is manufactured according to different testing standards ASTM B117, ASTM B368 – 09 JIS Z 2371.

  • HMI-based touch screen model
  • Built-in temperature setting
  • Salt spray test mode is enabled to set parameters based on the test sample
  • Preset timer and temperature setting functions are integrated into the HMI to ensure accuracy and repeatability
  • Corrosion-resistant PT-100 sensor
  • Solid state digital programmable temperature controller
  • Program profiles for selecting test parameters and performing tests.
  • Easy data management. Users can create PID parameters, air saturation parameters, test temperature, test and air purification time, etc.
  • Show current test operation status
  • Rugged construction with the fiber-reinforced body (triple wall)
  • Easy to use sample locations inside the test chamber
  • Pneumatic operated awning ** (250-liter model only)
  • Purify the air after the fog settling test.
  • Integrated microprocessor-based PID controller
  • Side sponge filter holder available
  • Auto tuning function selection
  • Runtime versus temperature graph
  • Data logging with the temperature data reading
  • Back up data on a USB device (USB key is not provided.)
  • Set the value (SV) and the actual value (PV) to be displayed together.
  • User can control PID parameters through advanced delay setting
  • Maintain canopy angle to limit the flow of drops directly onto the sample to be tested

Benefits of Cass cum salt Spray Chamber

The Cass cum Salt spray Chamber offers numerous benefits to its users and some of them are like:

  • One can control and measure the salt spray
  • The instrument is easy to use and install
  • Calculate Corrosion resistance of surface coatings
  • Helps to determine if the metal that is being tested will be able to tolerate the environmental factors or if will it lead to corrosion.

Humidity Chambers

Humidity chambers provide a stable storage environment that can control these two key factors (temperature and humidity), which can help customers research and analyze product durability. The humidity control chamber environment to be conditioned is controlled to the target humidity point temperature and then heated to the specified air temperature. Maintaining a constant humid point and air temperature produces a very stable relative humidity (RH).

Uses of Humidity Chamber

Humidity chambers are used to test products at a variety of set points, including maintaining controlled temperature and humidity conditions for drug storage in the pharmaceutical industry, circuit board testing for the electronics industry, and paper testing for the paper industry.

Chambers like this control both humidity and temperature because relative humidity takes temperature into account. The relative humidity is basically the ratio of the amount of moisture the air actually holds to the amount of moisture the air can hold. The temperature has a huge effect on how much moisture the air can hold, with higher temperatures generally allowing for a greater ability to hold moisture. Humidity is always relative to temperature, so to be able to control humidity accurately, you must also control temperature.

As with all large machinery, there are a number of maintenance requirements that you should consider to ensure the smooth operation of the humidity chamber:

  • Make sure that the facility in which you plan to install the chamber can meet the needs of the humidity chamber.
  • Electricity, water, and ventilation are aptly provided the compartments should have at least one annual service for calibration and preventive maintenance. However, the PM program should be based on chamber usage and water quality. It is best to use water of the appropriate purity to prevent the internal tube from degrading too quickly. This also plays an important role in choosing your PM schedule. If upgrades are needed, make sure they are done by a certified engineer. This is important as it can void the warranty and have other effects on controllability and stability.

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