What are the different types of Immigration


Before discussing the types of Immigration. Let’s discuss the meaning of Immigration. When a person moves to another country for any specific purpose is termed an Immigrant and this whole process is termed Immigration. If you are not aware of the immigration process you can take help from an Immigration agent or lawyers. As per our recommendation Immigration lawyer Perth will assist you with the best solution.

Immigration can be divided into four types –

1. Citizens
2. Residents
3. Non-Immigrants
4. Undocumented Immigrants

– Citizens

The citizen can further be divided into two types –

As per Australian law. The first type of citizen is a Person born in Australia who is considered an Australian Citizen by default. Other countries follow the Same rule. Apart from birthright, a person can become a citizen by following the naturalization process of getting citizenship. As per the Australian Citizenship act, a person who fulfills the following criteria is eligible for citizenship –

1. You should be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for Australian Citizenship.
2. Should be living in Australia for more than three or five years.
3. Able to understand and speak English.
4. Showcase good moral character.

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– Residents

Those citizens who are not born in Australia. Should become a permanent citizen of the country by applying for a green card or PR. The green card holder is also termed, a resident. To be eligible for residency, you need to fulfill the following criteria –

1. Green Card via a family member.
2. Green Card via Employment.
3. Green Card via Special Immigrant.

In case you are eligible to fulfill the above criteria you need to fill out the application form for applying. For this you need to pay application fees, need to pass through the medical process.

– Non-Immigrants

Non-Immigrants don’t hold the nationality of a particular country. The one who has been given temporary permission to stay in Australia. Such people visit the country for some specific purpose. Once this purpose is complete he or she should leave the country before the expiration of the visa. For Example – a student visits Australia for the purpose of completing his or her degree. Visa duration is fixed in the case of an education visa. Such candidates are termed non-immigrants.

– Undocumented Immigrants

Undocumented Immigrants are also known as illegal Immigrants. Such Immigrants enter the country boundaries illegally which means they don’t have any legal permission from the home affairs of Australia to live in Australia. Such immigrants are difficult to catch because the Australian government doesn’t have a record of such immigrants. These illegal Immigrants can be deported immediately if caught or can be sent to prison.

– Refugee

The person who unwillingly crosses the boundaries of a country. Such persons should not back to their home country because of a well-founded fear of persecution. For Example, a person is forced to leave his home country because of a civil war in their home country. The country which gives shelter to these people gives them the tagline “Refugee”

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