What If Your Business’ Focus Isn’t Your Passion


When I decided to launch bloggingshogging I brainstormed what I thought people wanted and what would create a steady income. At the time, e-courses were popping up all over the internet and everyone wanted to know the tech side – how to set up sales funnels, launch an email Marketing Strategy campaign and how to triple their list by the end of the month.

I went to school for business and marketing and figured I’d start out blogging about those topics and create a course that taught people how to create a business plan. The issue was that wasn’t what I was truly passionate about. I found myself struggling to write blog posts and thought each topic I came up with was overdone. I kept pushing off creating my course. I thought that in order to make it online you just had to come up with an idea that people would pay for.

But what’s the fun in that? Here I was trying to start my own business and can choose anything in the world and I chose something I wasn’t passionate about.

So I changed direction. I changed my whole business concept. I re-thought who my ideal customer was, what I wanted to accomplish and how I could truly help people. And that course I was planning on launching? Kicked it to the curb. The scariest part of this was I decided it all after I had gotten a custom web design installed two months before. I had to figure out how to update my website copy and all the pages to really represent my new focus. But guess what? I felt SO good after I finally had a business that excited me. It was a relief that I wasn’t going to keep putting my energy into something that wasn’t fulfilling.

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I want you to ask yourself if you’re truly happy with your business concept. Are you making those necklaces because you absolutely love creating jewelry?

Or do you dread when an order comes in and you have to make more?

People start businesses for all kinds of reasons. But when that reason is that your business fuels your soul, isn’t that so much better?

It can be tough to re-evaluate your business. And trust me it’s slightly terrifying. But it’s so worth it.

Design your Own Version of Success

I used to read posts from awesome biz owners saying how successful their last launch was, bringing in 5 or even 6 figures, what they’re earning each month and see tons of followers on their social media accounts.

And I would think “ugh, I just want to be as successful as them”.

I’m sure at some point you’ve said or heard someone say “I just want to be successful”. Or compare yourself to someone else who seems successful to you. I know I definitely have!

If you look it up in the dictionary successful is defined in 2 ways:

1. Accomplishing an aim or purpose
2. Having achieved popularity, profit or distinction

I’m not a fan of the second definition.

You could be incredibly popular in your industry and make a ton of money but will that really make you feel successful?

You might feel like you’ve “made it” but what if that just leaves you feeling drained and miserable after working 12-hour days?

Personally, I like the first definition the best. You set out to do something and when you accomplish it you’ll feel “successful”.

What purpose could you set out to fulfil that would make you feel successful?

What would cause you to wake up one day and feel successful?

A lot of money?

Impacting people’s lives?

Oprah calling you up for an interview?

Of course, I created a totally free email course to help you figure this out!
You won’t be truly happy if you keep chasing someone else’s version of success. When you know and understand your version of success, you’ll be able to plan and strategize your business to help you reach it.

It’s also about how you can build a business that helps create your dream life. Life and business go hand in hand when you’re an entrepreneur. Once you decide what your dream life looks like, you can create your business to revolve around that.

I’m sure you have a lot of ideas of what would make you feel successful but you probably haven’t sat down and designed what success means to you. My new (and yes, free) email course, 10 Days To Your Version Of Success, helps you find clarity and design your version of success. Each day you’ll be given insight and action items to bring you 1 step closer to your version of success.

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