What is Commercial Photography?

Being a commercial photographer is not easy. But with experience, knowledge, a good portfolio, and an established client base, it can be a very profitable business. Now it has become very fashionable to take some types of commercial photos with the help of flagship smartphones, it’s a kind of good advertising. You can read about the best phones for taking pictures on Skylum’s blog.

Commercial photography includes any kind of photo shoot that is performed for the benefit of clients. The photographer needs to understand that the result must fully meet the expectations of the client, regardless of whether the client’s views conform to the rules of photographic art or not.

Briefly about the technical question

Perhaps many people know that the technique used in commercial photography can be of two types: the one that is dictated by necessity (genre, subject, location, etc.) and the one that is exclusively individual and peculiar to a certain photographer. In the latter case, it is the master’s tricks that distinguish him from the rest. Image shooting technique influences the formation of a special author’s style, which, of course, adds a plus to the photographer’s karma.

You may be surprised, but sometimes commercial photography uses smartphones instead of a professional camera. For example, professionals use the iPhone 14 Pro Max to conduct entire photo shoots, shoot movies, and make good commercials. Read about phones with good camera quality to keep up with modern technology.

Types of commercial photography

It has already been said that commercial photography is a genre, not a specific type of photo shoot. That is, it can include: portraits, weddings, images, catalogs, and any other kind of shooting. We have gathered for you the most popular ones and decided to give you a brief introduction to them.

Wedding photography

This is, one might say, one of the most intuitive types of commercial photography. Its purpose is to depict in the frame an important event for the newlyweds. Wedding photography is a great start for aspiring commercial photographers. You will need to purchase a camera, several lenses, a flash, and a tripod to start your career.

Celebrations and various events

It is quite strongly overlapping with the previously described type of shooting because the wedding is also an event and even a solemn one. The only difference may lie in the presentation of the material. That is, for example, more stringent because of the formality of the event.

Advertising shooting

Its essence comes down to the most advantageous presentation of the advertised product in the frame. As a result, the picture should encourage the potential client to buy the product or order the service. For example, the food in the photo should look delicious, so it would be desirable to eat it, and clothing or accessories should be presented by the requirements of fashion, current trends, and style of the target audience.

Photography for advertising is always complicated by a minimum of creativity, but it concerns only the subject matter shots. But image photography is the opposite: much more creative. There is a lot of room for imagination and creative realization. This is where smartphones are often used instead of professional cameras, so knowledge about the best cameras on mobile phones is very useful.

Photos for photo stocks

Photo stocks are special Internet sites where photographers can place their photos and users can download them for a set fee. Some photographers earn a lot of money from such resources, but not all of them manage to do so. In such activities, there are a lot of nuances, and you have to work hard and long. So most often photo stocks are used by photographers as a source of additional passive income with an already-built collection of images.

Studio shooting

This involves working in a specially equipped room. They usually use professional lighting equipment, backdrops, or entire interiors. Studio photography is almost always staged, so the photographer has to perform the functions of a director at the same time because you need to think through the idea, the plot, as well as images in the case of human participation.

How to make yourself known

Here everything is quite simple. All it takes is a little effort and time. So, what should a beginner photographer do to tell potential clients about himself:

  • Create a commercial account, or better yet, several (in different social networks). You can use an existing personal page or register a new one. Add friends, make publications, comment on your photos, and set a commercial status. In general, get attention.
  • Register on specialized photo portals. Place your shots on all sorts of sites where potential clients are looking for a photographer. Tell a little about yourself in a favorable light, add photos of certificates and wait for feedback.
  • Create your website. And it doesn’t have to be a large-scale resource. You can use a website builder and make a page in just a couple of hours.

If all of the above is not for you, then use the services of contextual advertising. Yes, it’s not cheap, but the influx of customers is guaranteed. You will also have to deal closely with photo editing. It will take a lot of time to learn Photoshop, and you want to start earning money from commercial photography quickly. You can use Luminar Neo, which performs the most complex editing tasks in just a couple of clicks thanks to its AI features.

Many beginners think that if you don’t have expensive professional photo equipment, you shouldn’t start. Trust our word, a talented artist will manage to make a good picture even on a smartphone. Therefore, do not necessarily buy the most expensive SLR camera, to begin with, you can get by with an economy-class mirror. If you are interested in reading about the best phone for taking pictures, then go to the official website of the Skylum developer.

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