What is social media marketing?

Social media has taken over the world. It is everywhere and is infectious, though for some, it is a positive one. And many companies are using it as a means of marketing, as a means of expanding their business. Even small businesses and entrepreneurs are using it to reach unexpected lengths of popularity and success.

But what is social media marketing?

This article exists to explain all that there is to know about social media marketing.


What is social media marketing (SMM)?

The benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM).

The possible drawbacks of Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

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What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

While digital marketing can be defined as using any types of means found in the digital world to market, social media marketing or SMM for short is a category of digital marketing where we use only social media as a means of marketing. Simple, right?


The benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM).

As mentioned before, everyone uses social media, even 13-year-old have their own Facebook and Instagram accounts, and thus, there is an extraordinary number of platforms with which businesses can communicate with their potential clients. It also works the other way, with the help of countless reviews and ratings, it is easy for people to know which organization or business is best for them.

Moreover, because of the nature of social media’s interactions, businesses get free advertisements through recommendations and likes.

Furthermore, because all these interactions are on social media, they are trackable. Many well-designed social media platforms give analytics and data related to your social media campaigns. With such data, it is easy to plan future campaigns and target the right audience.


The possible drawbacks of social media marketing (SMM).

It is a universally known rule that if you are not careful about social media, you will suffer. When doing social media marketing, you get to face the problem of scam clients and or freelancers. Due to the lack of knowledge, people sometimes accidentally invest in the completely wrong sector. For example, one might invest all their wealth into social media adverts while not paying attention to who they are targeting.

Moreover, copyright infringement, privacy issues and legal cases due to activity on social media are quite common. Conclusively, if you are just getting into social media marketing, you must be careful.


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