Why Business Consider .in Domain Registration India

.in Domain Registration India

India is growing faster. Businesses in India are flourishing very well. Compared to other countries .in Domain Registration India is growing faster. Businesses are talking about it and they are considering .in Domain Name in India.

In 2021 NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India) Director reveal that in India. 2.5 million businesses are registered for .in Domain. Thus, India becomes Asia’s second-largest country in the ccTLD (country-specific top-level domain). In terms of ccTLD adoption, India is the second largest market after China.

Further, they said the gap between .in and .com Domain Name has come to a low level. .com, .net, .org server is based out of India which increases the chances of security threats. Moreover, While .in Domain Server is based in India, that improves security as well as reliability 

Some people think the .com domain name gives them access to a wider audience because it is a Top-Level Domain Name. whereas .in Domain Name Believe as an Indian Domain but it is just a myth.

The popularity of .in Domain increased because it comes at a cheap price and it is easy to find desirable Domain Name. Businesses consider Hosbillo for .in Domain Registration India. Moreover, You can get .in Domain Cheap Price from Hostbillo.

In addition to that for building your brand image, you need a professional email address that desired your business. Moreover, We will talk more about the benefits offered by Hostbillo later in this article before that let’s understand why businesses consider .in Domain Registration India.

3 Reasons Why Business Consider .in Domain Registration India

Apart from .in Domain Lowest price, there are other reasons to consider .in Domain in India. 3 top reasons for choosing .in Domain over .com, .net, or other Domain Names;

  • Your Indian Pride Deserves to be Shown

.in  Extension shows that you are from India or your business is established in India. Organizations and their people develop a gentle Indian identity as a result. Business shows geographical to their audience with pride.

.in Domain build confidence in local website users to choose your product and services.

  • Improve Local Search Result Rankings

Using a ccTLD indicates to Google that your business is established locally and more useful for local visitors. Thus when you use .in Domain for your online business. Moreover, Google brings it on top in local search results. For example, say Handicrafts, Google shows your business at the top in the Indian Handicraft search results. 

.in Domain Registration India helps your business to reach more customers locally.

  • More Chances to Find Your Desired Domain Name

.in Domain can only own by Indian citizens or individuals or businesses that are based in India. Competition is very low as compared to the .com Domain or other Domain Names.  .in Domain is short and easy to remember, it helps visitors to share their domain with other and then can remind it easily.

These are the top 3 Reasons for Registering for .in Domain Name in India. moreover, It offers other advantages also. 

Top 7 Tips to Choose Correct .in Domain Name For Your Business

7 tips of .in Domain Registration India

Now you understand the reasons why Business Register a .in Domain Name. Moreover, there are some tips you need to follow before domain registration.


  • Before Registering a Domain Name research properly so that in the future you won’t face any legal complications
  • Choose a Brandable Name that Describes your brand. Aside from that, it stands out from the crowd and is memorable
  • Your business .in Domain Name should be easy to spell
  • Keep your Business Domain name Short 
  • Don’t use Hyphens and Numbers. It makes your Business Domain Name hard to remember and spell
  • Don’t forget to use keywords in Domain Name
  • Choose a domain name that helps you in long-term growth. .in Domain becomes your Business identity.

5 Advantage Offered by Hostbillo with .in Domain Registration India

Hostbillo Hosting solution is one of the best Domain and Web Hosting Solution providers in India. They offer .in Domain Cheap Price. Businesses can register a .in Domain at just 7.48$ for a year. 

Apart from .in Domain Cheap Price Hostbillo Also offer other advantages. And the advantage is;

  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew
  • Free ID Protection
  • Free DNS  Management
  • Domain Theft Management
  • Custom NameServers


Now you must understand why businesses go with .in Domain Registration India. To sum up I would like to add, Most Top-Level Domains cost a lot while .in Domain comes Lowest Price. Apart from this, it shows users that your business is based in India. Even more, it helps Google to understand that your business works locally and it improves local search rankings. And the best part is you can get your desired domain name.

Moreover, Choosing Hostbillo can be a great choice for you. Hostbillo offer .in Domain at Cheap Price. With all the industry-leading advantages it makes them the best domain and web hosting solution provider.


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