Why motivation is necessary?


The world we are living in today is very competitive. So, the rate of failure is becoming greater too. People are falling into depression more easily than before. Also, the fear of failure is demotivating people into procrastinating and not doing work.

Due to dishonesty and corruption, the reward for hard work is decreasing and the one who can do corruption or has deep pockets can easily become a winner and eventually earn more. If you help those corrupt people, you can become successful too.

It is very easy to get into depression and do suicide rather than to live in a corrupt world and fail not due to your inability but the corrupt system. So, in these times motivation for people is becoming very necessary to help them beat corruption and achieve goals.

So, are you ready to know the importance of motivation? So, you can get motivated in these demotivating times?

You can use these things to remind yourself of the importance of motivation.

Before going into the details, we want to tell you something. Don’t waste your time by just reading articles about motivation and watching motivational speakers, read them and watch them but majorly try to motivate yourself.

Because if you can’t get yourself up from your bed then how can you even think of achieving your goals? The videos and articles about motivation are supplementary, the real motivation comes from inside you. Following are the things that will remind you of the importance of motivation:

  • You learn new things

Whenever you are learning a new skill, you first need to make it your hobby. And to make something your hobby you need motivation. Motivation quotes from Reneturrek will help you get the right motivation you need to learn a new skill. Or you could try using psychic reading websites. Sometimes motivation comes from unexpected places.

  • Makes you healthier

Eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthier lifestyle will make you healthier. So, you need to get motivated in order to do these things. To avoid unhealthier foods and lifestyles one needs motivation so that he/she can become healthier.

  • Makes your relationship better

When you don’t have motivation, you don’t notice small details about your relationship which in the end turn out to be the most important things and your relationship becomes toxic or eventually you break up.

Being motivated will help you a lot in your relationship as you will be always there for the other person. 

  • Makes you productive

When you are living life as free-fall and don’t have motivation as your source to live life. You are most likely to get distracted and not do the necessary tasks and eventually become less productive. So having motivation will help you be more productive.

  • Get you through tough times

As explained above about the corruption and the sorry state of our world. It is very easy for anyone to get demotivated and fall into the pits of depression and eventually do suicide. So, motivation is very necessary to give people back the hope that they needed to be alive.

  • Eradicate social problems

You need the motivation to end social problems such as corruption and moral injustice. So, to get through such problems one needs motivation because if people get demotivated it becomes very easy for them to give up and die.

  • You inspire others

Once you become motivated, other starts getting motivation by you. Just like happiness, motivation is contagious. When people see you motivated, they like to be around you because you give them the hope that is needed right now.

Final thoughts

Motivation is the need of the hour. Because the world is not going to go back it will move forward which means the problems will worsen so we need more and more motivation to get through these hard times.

Those who say motivation is not necessary and they like to go with the flow are the people that get lost so easily. Similarly, to live a happier and healthier life motivation is needed. As the world is suffering from corruption right motivation is needed to fight and conquer it.

So, by now we hope you are motivated enough to not only live through these times and not give up. But to change these times for the better of society and yourself.

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